Aerial Octopus Installation

Octopus Aerial Installation
Reasons to book this giant aerial octopus
  • Awe-inspiring aerial act designed and produced by Pablo Mendez performances

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and especially popular for under the sea themed parties

  • Aerial dancer hangs from octopus and performs a mesmerising and breathtaking routine

  • Perfect Wow factor entertainment for nightclubs, pool parties, themed events, festivals, VIP parties, and more!

  • This Octopus Aerial Installation is available for bookings across Spain and all over the world

Aerial Octopus Installation videos

Aerial Octopus Installation photos

Are you looking for Wow factor entertainment for your next event? Then this spectacular Octopus Aerial Installation designed by Pablo Mendez performances is what your party needs!

Unique under the sea party ideas

A truly unique performance, this aerial octopus act is among our favourite under the sea party ideas. Hung from the ceiling, this giant eight-legged puppet will quickly catch the attention of crowds, especially when they realise an aerial dancer hangs from it. 

Adding a stunning visual element to any celebration, this giant aerial octopus is guaranteed to become the talking point at your event. Making heads turn and look skywards, this Octopus puppet helps build online buzz and create tons of photo-worthy moments. 

Wow factor entertainment for all events

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this aerial octopus act can be executed inside nightclubs, indoor arenas and stadiums and other large venues but also outside whether it be a festival or a pool party. 

Exceptional Wow factor entertainment, this giant aerial octopus offers viewers the possibility of enjoying an aerial act with a unique differential touch. 

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