Aerial LED Frame

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Aerial LED Frame
Reasons to book this aerial LED act
  • Multi-skilled aerial dancer and circus performer brings any event to the next level with this truly unique aerial show

  • Visually stunning aerial LED act executed with a giant luminous prop, especially suitable for dark environments

  • Female aerial dancer has performed in the best clubs and venues in Dubai, Ibiza, the Middle East and across Europe

  • Perfect entertainment choice for nightclubs, festivals, private parties, VIP events, corporate parties, dinners, etc.

  • This Aerial LED Frame is available for events in Dubai, across the UAE and worldwide

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Bring the wow factor to your upcoming event or celebration by booking this spectacular Aerial LED Frame act, a stunning combination of aerial acrobatics and the latest technology.

Executing complex moves high up in the air, this aerial performer delights viewers with a performance that is both visually stunning and exhilarating. Making use of a giant luminous prop, this circus artist has designed a unique spectacle that keeps viewers mesmerised and looking up at the sky.

A gorgeous display of flawless technique and boundless creativity, this aerial LED act has all the ingredients to make a night an unforgettable one. Especially suitable for dark environments, this aerial show causes greater visual impact if performed under dim light conditions.

An experienced female aerial dancer, this talented performer has performed in the best clubs and venues in Dubai, Ibiza, the Middle East and across Europe! Having entertained both small and large crowds in the best venues around the world, this aerialist has captivated international audiences with this innovative entertainment concept. 

A popular LED nightclub entertainment, this aerial LED act is also an in-demand WOW factor entertainment for events such as VIP and private parties, corporate events, grand openings, corporate events, etc. 

Top Tip:

Versatile female aerial dancer also performs aerial disciplines and fire shows.

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing WOW factor entertainment for events in Dubai, the Middle East and worldwide.

Book this Aerial LED Frame act by contacting us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this female aerial dancer and assist you in the booking process.