Aerial Harlequin Drumming Show

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Aerial Harlequin Drumming Show
Reasons to book this Aerial Drumming Show
  • Bright, colourful and magical aerial drumming harlequin show

  • Features and interactive roaming drumming parade followed by an aerial display

  • Ideal for outdoor celebrations, festivals, city centres and more

  • Spectacle suitable to audiences of all types and ages

  • Based near Lyon and available for events worldwide

Aerial Harlequin Drumming Show videos

Aerial Harlequin Drumming Show photos

The stunning Aerial Harlequin Drumming Show is a child-like imagination come to life. The shows consists of a parade of drumming jesters who end up sky high on a fantastical aerial prop that resembles a giant version of a baby’s mobile. The drumming show is a very immersive experience for the spectators that takes their attention from the ground to the sky.

The performance begins on ground level with a prolonged drumming parade. Seven brightly costumed drumming jesters, who’s costumes resemble a gang of harlequins from a children’s story, make their way through the crowds. They perform up-beat, marching rhythms with chanting and whistles. As the drumming parade makes it’s way through the audience they interact with members of the public and try to engage them in the performance.

The drumming jesters make their way to the centre of the performance area where they are lifted way up high into the sky on their amazing dangling aerial prop. During the whole of the air-born aerial drumming show, an aerialist performs elegant acrobatics and the drummers let off confetti into the audience. 

The hour-long Aerial Harlequin Drumming Show can be customised to suit your event but does require a large open space. It can take place in the day or the night and is suitable for all audience types and all ages. It is ideal for Summertime outdoor celebrations, festivals, city centres and much more.

Contact our Entertainment Coordinators to amaze your guests with the Aerial Harlequin Drumming Show and offer them something they have never seen before.