Aerial Drone Dance

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Aerial Drone Dance
Reasons to book this Drone Show
  • A peculiar artistic duo consisting of a skilled aerial hoop dancer and a flying drone

  • A truly mermserising aerial dance fully choreographed and synchronised

  • Aerialist can wear a silver costume with lights, an UV outfit or a fully white costume

  • Dancing with technology can be ideal for futuristic parties, technology events, product launches, exhibitions, etc.

  • This Aerial Drone Dance is available for bookings in London, the UK and worldwide

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This Aerial Drone Dance brings artistic expression and technology together on one stage by combining a mesmerising aerial dance with drones. A futuristic performance that promises not to disappoint, this original aerial show is especially applauded by technology lovers.

Dancing with drones has become increasingly popular in recent years. This advanced technology has been the main source of inspiration of this dancing with technology act, a mesmerising aerial dance that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Performed with exquisite elegance, this dancing with drones show takes audiences on a deep, emotional journey of discovery in which technology and art are mixed. A hypnotising blend of innovation and circus entertainment, this aerial hoop act is guaranteed to draw the eye and get people taking for years to come.

This peculiar duo performs a truly unique choreography that is perfectly synchronised and that involves very innovative aerial figures, futuristic outfits and sci-fi music. Our aerial performer can perform this dancing with drones act with different outfits. She can wear a silver costume with lights, an UV outfit or a fully white costume. Whatever the occasion, our versatile artist can adapt her style to suit your event’s specific requirements.

Dancing with drones in general and this act in particular are suitable for futuristic events, themed parties, exhibitions and product launches, among other occasions. A performance that will make audiences feel like part of a sci-fi era, this dancing with drones show will be a hit at any party or special celebration.

Scarlett Entertainment offers dancing with technology acts for events and occasions all over the world.

Booking dancing with drones shows has never been easier. Enquire about this Aerial Drone Dance by contacting our in-house team of Entertainment Experts today. They will be happy to answer all the questions you may have about this mesmerising aerial dance and assist you in the booking process.

The Lily Foundation
Lost Rivers Brewery
Underbelly Productions
Arts Council England
Yorkshire Arts Festival

"They made our annual charity ball exceptional and took our fund-raising night to a whole new level. Our vintage circus theme was bought to life through their amazing creativity and outstanding performances. Their creativity is second to none, but they are also efficient, professional and very importantly, lovely people.I can't recommend them enough"

Clare Stead - Brand and Marketing Manager, The Lily Foundation