Aerial Acrobatic Performance

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Aerial Acrobatic Performance
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Thrilling aerial performance that incorporates acrobatic ground routines to create original choreographies

  • Performed by two up to four professionally trained aerialists both outdoors and indoors

  • Brand new choreographies and costumes can be created especially for your event

  • Have captivated audiences at events, parties and festivals in countries like Malaysia, Brazil and Germany

  • Aerial Acrobatic Performance is available for booking in France and all around the world

Aerial Acrobatic Performance videos

Aerial Acrobatic Performance photos

Offer guests at your upcoming event a different and unique experience with this stunning Aerial Acrobatic Performance. This act is a fusion of high level aerial moves and acrobatic ground routines, our amazing aerial performance will leave audiences wide-eyed. Exciting, elegant and tremendously impressive, this thrilling aerial performance will guarantee to provide an added dimension to your event.

Performed by professionally trained gymnasts and aerialists, this exceptional aerial entertainment never fails to mesmerise audiences thanks to our artists’ passionate and emotive performances. Masters of both aerial and ground acrobatics disciplines, our experienced aerial performers will demonstrate great skills and physical strength in a performance full of complex aerial moves and acrobatic ground routines.

Committed to provide each client with a bespoke entertainment experience, our skilled aerial dancers can tailor their act to incorporate your event type or theme. Whether you’d like them to dance a tango, perform an aerial ballet or carry out any exotic dance, these versatile artists will create a show especially designed to suit your needs. Make sure you let them know all your ideas or the message you’d like to transmit to your audience, and they’ll make sure it’s translated into reality. As you can see in the videos and pictures above, they can even dance using elements or tools such as umbrellas or 'swords' or perform together with other artists like pianists. 

Also able to provide bespoke costumes and make-up for every occasion, they can be the perfect entertainment option for after dinner show for galas, festivals, street celebrations and any other outdoor events. But not only that: they can also perform at large indoor venues such as shopping malls, theatres or arenas.

Bringing a touch of magic into every live show, these skilled aerial dancers are guaranteed to captivate audiences with their powerful on-stage chemistry. Two up to four performers will deliver a thrilling aerial performance combined with acrobatic ground routines that are visually stunning and a pleasure to watch.

This original aerial show has delighted spectators all around the world in countries like Brazil, Malaysia and Germany and it’s available to be booked for international events.

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves of providing high-end entertainment for events of all sorts all around the world. We can offer a wide range of aerial acts that can fit your party’s theme or suit to your event’s requirements.

For more information about hiring this Aerial Acrobatic Performance, please get in touch with our team of entertainment specialists.