Adventure VR Simulators Ireland

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Adventure VR Simulators Ireland
Reasons to book this Interactive Entertainment
  • Let your guests experience the thrills of extreme sports and adventures in a 5D simulation

  • Technologically advanced simulators give an innovative virtual reality experience

  • Sensory experience with shaking, tilting, wind blasts and a 360 view

  • Clients include the Waterford Institute of Technology, Enable Ireland and T.K Maxx

  • Based in Dublin and available for events throughout Ireland and the UK

Adventure VR Simulators Ireland videos

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Our Adventure VR Simulators Ireland take virtual reality interactive entertainment to the next level. These incredible state of the art simulators give a completely immersive virtual reality experience to anyone that takes part and you can let your guests experience the thrills of extreme sports and adventures in a 5D simulation. 

This virtual reality experience has all the adrenaline rush of taking part in an extreme adventure without ever having to leave the room. Adventure VR Simulators Ireland provide incredible machines with 5D technology that gives the ultimate interactive entertainment. 

Based on Oculus Rift and using an incredible simulation platform that moves, tilts, vibrates and even blasts wind as well as a state of the art VR headset that gives guests a 360 view, this is a truly exciting virtual reality experience. It allows guests to feel rapid movement, shaking, flying, jumping and falling. 

Users of our Adventure VR Simulators Ireland can choose from 15 different virtual reality experiences, including downhill sky race, rafting, BMX canyon, wingsuit free-flying, sky jumping and dinosaur flight. Each experience can be tailored to the user’s interests and desires. Whilst they wear virtual reality headsets, other guests get to watch their adventures on a screen. 

If you would like to give your guests an exciting virtual reality experience to get their hearts pumping, our Adventure VR Simulators Ireland is guaranteed to do the trick. Speak to our team of Entertainment Specialists to book these VR simulators for your event.