Acrobatic Sea Themed Show

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Acrobatic Sea Themed Show
Reasons to book this Sea Themed Swaying Poles Show
  • Incredible and innovative sea themed swaying poles show

  • A unique combination of acrobatics and theatrical performance

  • Perfect for sea or nautical themed events, festivals, outdoor theatres, themed installations and much more

  • Theatrical company worked with Mercedes Benz, MasterCard, Warner Bros and many others

  • Based in Melbourne and available for events in Australia and worldwide

Acrobatic Sea Themed Show videos

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On a quest to bring their stories of sea explorations to land dwellers, our Acrobatic Sea Themed Show will completely stun your audience with their theatrical tales and innovative acrobatics. This totally unique sea themed swaying poles show is themed entirely on an old fashioned viking style ship. 

Based in Australia, the utterly amazing Acrobatic Sea Themed Show uses a large ship as the centre piece of its performance. Acrobats sway and swoop around on large swaying poles disguised as sailing masts and rowers whilst delivering a storytelling theatrical performance. The acrobats sway on the poles in motion with movements of the sea or wind. 

The sea themed swaying poles show is unlike anything your guests will have seen and fills any event with theatrics and high energy acrobatics. This particular swaying poles show is perfect for sea or nautical themed events, festivals, outdoor theatres, themed installations and much more. 

The Melbourne based performing arts group are very adept at fusing theatre, dance and circus performances and they have worked on events for Mercedes Benz, MasterCard, Warner Bros, London Paralympics, AFL Grand Final, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Rio Carnival and many others. Their ingenious creativity never ceases to amaze audiences all over the world. 

If you would like to book this exciting Acrobatic Sea Themed Show for your event, please get in touch with our team of specialists at Scarlett Entertainment.