ACDC Tribute Band

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ACDC Tribute Band
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An energetic heavy metal band that pays tribute to one of the most iconic hard rock groups in history

  • Play the Australian rock band’s classics such as ‘Highway To Hell’ or ‘Back in Black’

  • Their performances include every aspect of ACDC concerts such as cannons, bagpipes, the Hell Bell…

  • Ideal live music entertainment for festivals, private parties, theme occasions, and many more

  • This ACDC Tribute Band is based in Arizona and available for international performances

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Delight heavy metal music fans with this fantastic ACDC Tribute Band, energetic live musicians who pay tribute to one of the most iconic hard rock bands in history. Completely characterised as Angus Young and his fellow band members, these performers are guaranteed to (literally) make an impression.

These energetic live musicians have one important thing in common and that’s their great passion for heavy metal music in general, and for Angus Young’s band in particular. Highly talented, these dynamic performers have joined forces to offer an ACDC tribute show that meet all expectations.

Their repertoire includes some of the most famous tunes by the Australian rock band. Some of these are the well-known ‘Highway To Hell’, the electrifying ‘Back in Black’ and the catchy ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’. This dynamic heavy metal band promise not to disappoint even the most hardcore ACDC fans.

Those who are not fond of heavy metal music can also enjoy this ACDC tribute show, as it’s also a visually stunning spectacle. Our performers not only have carefully studied the band members’ mannerisms and gestures to make good impressions of them all, but they also introduce aspects of their real concerts such as cannons, the Hell Bell or bagpipes. Their infectious energy, great enthusiasm and powerful stage presence will make audiences wonder whether they’re in a real ACDC concert.

During two hours, crowds will jump, laugh and sing along to the music at the top of their lungs. Especially suitable for festivals, private parties and theme occasions, this ACDC Tribute Band will bring fond memories and cause sensation anywhere they go.

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