Accordionist Italy

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Accordionist Italy
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Versatile, young and talented accordion player based in Bari, Italy

  • Contemporary jazz to free improvisation, from world music to modern tango

  • Selected by Berklee College of music in Boston as “The Best Talent”

  • Collaborated with various musicians who are known internationally

  • Performed in Italy, France, Spain, England, Argentina, Russia & China

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Italian Accordionist Giorgio began playing the accordion at eight years old and not long afterwards started to win various National and International competitions.  He has had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with various musicians who are known nationally and internationally, including: Jhon Thicai (DEN), Gianni Lenoci (IT), Steve Potts (USA), Mikael Swafirowski (FIN), Ricardo Tejero (SPA), Danilo Gallo (IT), Livio Minafra (IT), Gianluigi Trovesi (IT), Dominic Lash (UK), Richard Barrett (UK), William Parker (USA).

In the summer of 2009 at the Umbria jazz festival he was selected by the teachers of the “Berklee College of music” in Boston as “the best talent”, winning a scholarship to study a full time program at a prestigious American music school.

Since 2006 he has been involved in various musical projects ranging from contemporary jazz to free improvisation, from world music to modern tango, collaborating across various multidisciplinary artistic fields, such as theatre, dance and cinema.  He has performed at numerous events throughout Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, England, Egypt, Croatia, Finland, Argentina, Holland, Russia and China.

Prizes and Awards
- Italia Award – Jazz Accordion – 1st prize
- World Accordion Championship – 2nd prize
- Trophèe Mondiale de l’ accordeon – 2nd prize
- 4th Accordion Art Festival – Italia Award 1st prize
- International Competition “Premio Leo Ceroni”- 1st prize
- National Roland V-Accordion festival – 1st prize
- Primus Ikaalinen competition – 2nd prize
- International competition “Città di Lanciano” – 1st prize
- International Competition “Città di Capistrello” – 1st prize
- International competition “Trofeo città di Palagianello” – 1st prize
- International competition for accordion player for soloist and group – 1st prize