Accordion Player Italy

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Accordion Player Italy
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A versatile musician offering live accordion music as a soloist or as part of a musical ensemble or orchestra

  • A talented male accordionist who can perform as a soloist or with his Celtic Folk music group

  • Performed at Luciano Pavarotti’s 70th birthday at Palazzo Albergati in Bologna

  • Has captivated audiences at many countries around Europe and also in Barbados

  • Based in Latina, Italy and available for performances all around the world

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Bring the best live accordion music to your event or party with this talented male accordionist, a versatile live musician who will captivate old and young generations of Celtic and folk music. As a soloist or as part of a musical ensemble or an orchestra, this extraordinary Accordion Player carry out captivating live performances widely applauded by audiences of all ages.

With years of both academic and professional experience behind him, this versatile live musician has collaborated with many artists and performers throughout his career. He studied with masters such as Giancarlo Caporilli, Davide Vendramin and Joaquin Amenabar.

Some of his most outstanding performances include his act at Luciano Pavarotti’s 70th birthday at Palazzo Albergati in Bologna and his concerts at several festivals in France, especially the International Accordion Festival, where he played alongside Roberto Pregadio’s Orhcestra.

Our versatile live musician has also participated in various theatre and film productions and in several music projects. His captivating live performances are especially in-demand shows, where he usually performs with different musical ensembles. Some of the orchestras he regularly collaborates with include the Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan, Xilon Orchestra of Rome or the Latina Conservatory Orchestra, city where our versatile live musician is originally from.

Along with his Celtic Folk music group, our talented male accordionist has delighted audiences in countries such as Barbados, Belgium, France, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Estonia and Luxembourg.

Scarlett Entertainment I s a global entertainment agency that can offer a broad variety of accordionists and live musicians for events and occasions worldwide.

Are you interested in hiring this fantastic Accordion Player for events in Italy or abroad? Then contact our in-house team of experts today and make your enquiry. Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you have and find out more about this versatile live musician and his availability.