Roaming Candy Entertainers

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Roaming Chocolate Man Act
Reasons to book this Roaming Act
  • An act that embodies the loveable storyline of the children's story with an exciting twist

  • This exciting bunch of performers bring the chocolate factory story to life

  • Performers available are; stilt walkers, fire performers, umpah lumpahs, mix and mingle actors, candy girls, acrobats and more

  • Popcorn and candy floss machine also available

  • Based in London and available for worldwide bookings

Roaming Candy Entertainers videos

Roaming Candy Entertainers photos

Bring the beloved children's tale to life with this exciting Roaming Candy Entertainers. Embodying everything that is great about the Chocolate Factory sotry these roaming circus performers will bring fond memories back to every guest who has read the books and seen the films. Packed with stilt walkers, candy girls, popcorn and candy floss machines and more, this charming Roaming Chocolate Man Act is perfect for all occasions that want to bring out their inner child and provide their guests with whimsical entertainment.

Dressed head to toe in authentic themed attire our professional mix and mingle actors and dwarves captivate everyone’s attention with their larger than life personalities and true to form characteristics that are just like the renowned characters from the book and film.

With so many different elements to their strolling act this loveable group of performers offer a range of dynamics to provide the whole package for your event. With everything taken care of from entertainment to usherettes to sweet treats, this Roaming Candy Entertainers Act is the ultimate package deal for any story themed event, or any occasion that desires whimsical characters.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performers on offer are:

  • Stilt Walkers
  • Fire Performers
  • Dwarves
  • Professional mix and mingle actors
  • Character impersonators
  • Popcorn and candy floss machine
  • Usherette tray girls (filled with sweets and pick n mix)
  • Themed acrobats

Guaranteed to make every guest feel as if they have stepped into a fantasy world this roaming display of colour characters provide the ultimate event entertainment that can be performed anywhere and everywhere.

To book our wonderful Roaming Candy Themed Acts or for more information about themed entertainment contact our Entertainment Specialists.