3D Video Mapping Show

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Unicycle Stage Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An immersive visual experience that will captivate audiences and leave them wide-eyed

  • An innovative advertising tool that combines cutting edge technology with beautiful choreographies and music

  • 3D projections can be customised with a company logo or image

  • Ideal for gala dinners, award ceremonies, corporate events, exhibitions, and many more

  • This incredible 3D Video Mapping Show can be booked for events in Barcelona, Spain and worldwide

3D Video Mapping Show videos

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Take your event to the next level with this amazing 3D Video Mapping Show, an immersive visual experience that will keep audiences wide-eyed and mesmerised during eight minutes. Performed by one or two modern stage dancers, this original dance production can be the icing on the cake of any occasion.

This high-tech dance performance has been designed so viewers submerge in a visual, hyper-fragmented experience that will leave them speechless. Perfectly syncrhonised with the images displayed and the music, our modern stage dancers will execute perfectly choreographed routines.

This highly creative, unique and immersive visual experience can be customised to fit your requirements. Any company logos and other images can be projected, which makes this 3D Mapping Dance Show ideal for corporate events, product launches and exhibitions.

A highly effective advertising tool, this high-tech dance performance is not only an innovative and original way to advertise your band, but also a fantastic way to provide audiences with a an unforgettable experience. This stunting visual spectacle combining cutting edge technology and dancing is sure to leave people talking.

With no language barrier to overcome, all sorts of audiences regardless of age can enjoy this original dance production, although it will certainly captivate and delight tech lovers.

An ideal high-tech dance performance suitable for a broad range of occasions including exhibitions, after dinner experiences, ceremonies or corporate events, this original dance production is guaranteed to leave

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide variety of video mapping acts, the majority of which can be customised and adapted to suit your event requirements.

Top Tip:

This professional group of experts creates 3D projection mapping artworks that immerse viewers in a unique and captivating experience. Projections can be adapted to include company logos.

If this 3D Video Mapping Show is what you’ve been looking for, then contact our in-house team of experts today and make your enquiry.

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