3D Street Artist Ukraine

Art Based Entertainment,Graffiti Artist,Live Event Artist,Street Artist & 3D Art
3D Street Artist Ukraine
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Awarded 1st place in Wilhelmshaven Street Art Festival & 3d Street Art Festival, Belarus, 3D artist is considered one of the best in the world

  • Creating pavement illusions & beautiful graffiti, our talented artist can produce his work on almost any surface

  • Able to create bespoke designs to suit your space or event type, from small scale pavement art, to record-breaking street paintings

  • Our graffiti artist has created work for the likes of Disneyland, The World Street Painting Festival & Kiev Museum of Aviation

  • Book 3D Street Artist Ukraine for events in Europe & internationally

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Exceptional booking agency Scarlett Entertainment provide the best live entertainment acts, performers and artists for events throughout Europe and worldwide. Dedicated to sourcing the highest quality acts to bring that spark of something special to your event, our superb sales coordinators will work closely with you to create personalised entertainment to bring your event to life. One of the world’s best 3D artists, 3D Street Artist Ukraine creates unique pavement illusions and murals to introduce a fun interactive element to event venues. An award winning graffiti artist, our designer produces small and large scale pavement art and wall murals, all rendered with an unbelievably realistic quality, vibrant colours and personalised for your event.  

Awarded 1st place at Wilhelmshaven Street Art Festival and Minsk 3d Street Art Festival, our 3D artist has made a name for himself that reaches far beyond his native Ukraine. A creative and playful artist, our pioneering urban designer has been drawing conscientiously since 1990, honing his talent for rendering any scene or object with a perfect likeness. Trained in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Kiev, our artist has been creating professional pavement art and murals since 2010. 

Able to create bespoke pavement illusions or graffiti to suit the theme of your event or your chosen topic, our designer’s previous work spans everything from interactive darts boards and floating bath tubs to a Christmas themed street painting of world record breaking proportions. Working with you to produce the perfect design, our artist's pavement art can also function as a fantastic marketing tool, incorporating your company’s logo or event specific hashtag. Guaranteed to create a focal point at your event, guests love posing for photos with the beautiful art pieces and sharing the images across different social media platforms.

Having worked for numerous high profile clients and at different events across the globe, our graffiti artist has created pieces for the likes of Disneyland, Malta Street Art Festival and Kiev Museum of Aviation. Ideal for festivals, shop openings, product launches and branding events, our artist’s colourful creations are sure to add fun and laughter to your special occasion. To learn more about booking 3D Street Artist Ukraine for your event, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

2015 1st prize in category 3d street painting in Wilhelmshaven street art festival
2014 1st place “3d Street Art Festival” in Minsk, Belorus
2014 3rd place “Street art Festival” in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
2013 2nd place in category Madonnari Semplici in Grazie, Italy.
2013 2nd place festival in Nocera Superiore, Italy.
2013 2nd place “Street art Festival” in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
2012 Grand Prix First Russian festival of 3d street painting in Saint Petersburg, Russia

World Street Painting festival in Arnhem 
“Dubai Canvas” Street Art Festival 
3d Street Painting Festival, Bulgaria
“Commune Cafe”, Millenia walk shopping mall, Singapore
Loom Sofa, Claire’s UK 
Malta Street Art Festival
Sliema Street Art Festival, Malta
Disneyland, California
Festival of Almere
Den Haag  Street Art Festiva
Sarasota Chalk Festival 2015
Street Art Festival in Wilhelmshaven
Museum of aviation, Kiev
nsc “Olimpiyskiy” stadium, Ukraine