3D Street Art China

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3D Street Art China
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Amazingly realistic 3D illusion street artwork and paintings

  • Guinness World Record Holders, the longest 3D painting at 167.79 metres

  • Featured by many Chinese media, magazines and newspapers

  • Unique idea for press, PR & consumer engagement

  • Based in Xiamen, China and available to perform at events worldwide

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3D 涂鸦绘画艺术

This Chinese 3D Street Art group were founded in 2006, they specialise in 3D paintings, interactive 3D exhibitions and creative design. In October 2013, the talented artists created a 167.70 metre long 3D painting which broke the Guinness World Record!

They create amazingly realistic 3D paintings and artwork inside buildings, on pavements and streets that give the viewer a 3-dimensional optical illusion from a certain perspective. The artwork produced is breathtaking and at the same time captivates audiences with the realistic likeness the paintings carry.

One of the most popular forms of street art produced by the group are the interactive projects - where onlookers can pose in a logical connection with the pavement art image to get photographed or filmed.

In many cases, the group reference a client's product or a particular theme of a given event which get incorporated into the art, making them the perfect event entertainment for street painting festivals as well as promotional events and branding.