3D Racing Car Arcade Simulator

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3D Racing Car Arcade Simulator
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fun and exciting 3D experiences transport guests to various racing circuits.

  • Remarkable immersive technology will captivate guests when they see the authentic simulation rig.

  • Futuristic entertainment options that will keep guests talking for hours.

  • Breath taking video projection rig keeping guests entertained at private parties, arcade experiences, and more.

  • Book interactive entertainment across the Netherlands for a sensational experience.

3D Racing Car Arcade Simulator photos

Book our unbelievably fast paced 3D racing car arcade simulator for a fun immersive technology experience for your event. Our interactive entertainment and futuristic entertainment option features 3D glasses for fun 3D experiences, and will have guests sitting inside a video projection rig that almost looks like a real drivers' side of a racing car. Featuring various circuit courses that'll take guests around the world, our high tech systems are built inside of our 3D racing seats that feature stainless steel pedals, and a G27 racing leather steering wheel. Guests both young and old will love our racing simulator while they compete head to head against each other for the checkered flag.  

Our immersive technology option also features a long list of cars that guests will be able to choose from. Our 3D racing car arcade simulator will come to your event with enthusiastic and experienced operators that'll help provide your futuristic entertainment themed party with setting up, dismantling, and professional customer support while they're working your event. Our interactive entertainment experience will provide your event with a fun wow factor that'll help guests create unforgettable memories as they race through tall city locales, beach themed environments and much more, as they play against friends and family, building hilarious conversation topic points.  

The ideal video projection entertainment option for private parties, family days, arcade experiences, and many more. Our 3D racing car arcade simulator is a fun way to tackle gaming, and our racing rig will keep guests entertained for hours.

If you're interested in booking our sensational 3D experiences for your upcoming special event or gathering, contact any of our Scarlett Entertainment team members to ensure you lock in your entertainment option. Our helpful specialists will also answer any and all questions you might have about our experience.