3D Projection Dance Germany

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3D Projection Dance Germany
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Interactive media and dance combined to form surreal performances

  • An exquisite blend of dancing bodies and cutting edge technology

  • Illustrate sensual duets between man and machine in an artistic way

  • Provides clients with a unique, interdisciplinary performance

  • Based in Berlin and available to perform at events worldwide

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This stunning 3D Projection Dance group, based in Berlin, combine contemporary dance with interactive media to find new ways of expressing perception and communication.

The blending of dancing bodies and cutting-edge technology illustrate the present age in an artistic way. It enriches the way the audience perceive their identity, technology and how they communicate new ideas.

As a professional dancer and media artist for over a decade, talented choreographer Christian, reveals that he is "happy to be part of a duet between man and machine." Merging human bodies and computer technology to develop new artistic dance experiences. He goes on to say, "The clash of man and machine is probably the most characteristic sensation of our era. The closer man and machine interact, the more we are able to recognise the benefits of machines and explore who we are as humans."

The performers are dedicated, committed and experienced to develop unique interdisciplinary performances and provide clients with unique and professional shows. Available for corporate events, product launches, festivals, exhibitions and much more!