3D Body Painting

Art Based Entertainment,Face Painting or Body Art
3D Body Painting
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Talented body painter will create incredible bespoke visuals for you

  • Produces stunning photographs, footage, or live art installations

  • Amazing art entertainment involving body paint artists & models

  • Ideal for product launches, advertising campaigns, themed events, etc.

  • Based in Malaga and available for events worldwide

3D Body Painting videos

3D Body Painting photos

Our highly skilled body painters are sure to wow audiences with their impressive talents, transforming a group of models into a hyper-realistic living sculpture with expertly applied paint.

A dynamic and versatile form of art based entertainment, our sensational 3D body painting service is perfect for both prerecordings and live performances at events, making for unique art installations with a real difference. Our body paint artists can create a range of visuals from natural subjects such as animals and flowers to manmade objects like cars, working out the composition and exact positions required of the models before creating an incredible optical illusion through the use of body paint alone.

A truly striking sight that will have people questioning what they are seeing, our 3D live sculptures are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who witness them. An ingenious and highly creative approach for advertising campaigns and product launches, our body paintings also offer unique entertainment for themed events, private parties, ceremonies and more.

Top Tip:
Our professional body artists can create a bespoke image of your choice through 3D body painting. Contact our entertainment specialists today to find out more.