360 Hologram Illusion Box

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360 Hologram Illusion Box
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Customizable 360 degree display environment can showcase a variety of different media sources.

  • Mind grasping illusion box will capture the attention of guests with ease.

  • Dazzling hologram screen featuring an assortment of different holograms.

  • Perfect technology act for private parties, PR stunts, trade shows, themed events, and more.

  • Hologram display available for booking throughout Croatia and worldwide.

360 Hologram Illusion Box videos

360 Hologram Illusion Box photos

Bring our visually pleasing and mind grasping 360 degree display illusion box to your upcoming special event or social gathering, and watch as your guests are instantly captivated by the hologram that will be displayed within our hologram screen container. Our fantastic and amazing technology act is highly customisable and can feature an assortment of different media types including short video loops, that can bring an ad space to life at any corporate event or product launch. Also a viable option at private parties, our wonderful 360 degree display can feature intellectual material or different photos.

A breath taking 360 degree display illusion box experience that showcases our stunning and innovative device to its fullest potential. Our wonderful technology act uses the latest in hologram technology to enable an experience that makes it look like objects are floating freely inside of our hologram screen fixture. A head turning and conversation starting technology act that is bound to leave lasting impressions at your upcoming special occasion. Also able to display 360 video content, our illusion box works regardless of light conditions, which makes it a fun option for any style of event.

Providing your special event with a resounding "wow" factor experience, that will help your special occasion reach the top and  become the topic of conversation for weeks, our wonderful and amazing 360 degree display illusion box also features a simple assembling and disassembling process, which helps our experience capture attention quicker. Our fantastic technology act will not disappoint, and is the ideal interactive experience option for private parties, trade shows, PR stunts, product launches, fairs, corporate functions, store displays, ceremonies, and much more.

If you are interested in treating your guests to our exceptional 360 degree display illusion box, contact our phenomenal Scarlett Entertainment in house team who will guide you through our booking process, ensuring you lock in your entertainment option.

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