180 degree Photo Booth

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180 degree Photo Booth
Reasons to book this Boomerang Booth
  • Create your own GIF or Boomerang video with this state of the art photo booth

  • Highly sharable visual content that guests will want to share on social media

  • Features a specially designed 9 high-resolution camera system and software

  • Ideal for corporate events, product launches, brand awareness campaigns and more

  • Based in London and available for events throughout the UK

180 degree Photo Booth videos

180 degree Photo Booth photos

With all the craze for the phenomenon that is Boomerang videos and the timeless GIFs, this incredible 180 degree Photo Booth lets you create your very own. This is one of the most innovative photobooth segues available in the UK and give your guests a photo experience they will not forget.

The 180 degree Photo Booth uses a specially designed system with 9 high-resolution cameras fully synchronised on a curved 180degree frame. Each camera is triggered simultaneously and captures a shot from a different angle giving a side to side view of the subject. Images are processed on site via a special bit of software and available to view by your guests from a sharing station. These are available as a GIF or MP4 that can be sent via email and instantly shared on social media. 

This innovative photobooth can be set up against any kind of backdrop and is also available with the Immersive Photobooth Experience that offers fantastic backgrounds and will result in amazing final products. 

The 180 degree Photo Booth is a wonderful marketing tool for brands, retailers and clients wanting to push a brand or product. The innovate booth produces the kind of visual content user will want to share on social media. The boomerang booth has many customisation options including logos on the video and the client is free to brand whatever is behind the shooting space. 

Speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment about the 180 degree Photo Booth if you would like to provide your guests with a unique photo experience.