Live Pastry Food Sculptor

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Live Pastry Food Sculptor
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Ingenious pastry sculptor creates beautiful shortbread sculptures while you wait.

  • Beautiful live food art brings famous monuments, city streets and more to life in stunning detail.

  • Each hand made edible act is a work of art- and tastes great too!

  • Award winning live sculptor has demonstrated her delicious craft on national TV and for the Tiffany & Co anniversary party.

  • Superbly creative pastry artist available to make bespoke works of art at events across Italy.

Live Pastry Food Sculptor videos

Live Pastry Food Sculptor photos

Book our fantastic pastry sculptor for your event and be astonished as delicious pastry and shortbread sculptures are made right in front of your eyes! Our live sculptor creates stunning, intricately detailed reconstructions of famous landmarks and city landscapes. Each one is a genuine work of art, made while you watch. And the best part- they’re totally edible and absolutely delicious! You’ve never seen live food art on this scale before, so prepare to amaze your guests as entire city blocks and skyscrapers are created from delicious shortbread and icing. Our amazingly talented pastry artist creates the finest edible acts for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Our ingenious live sculptor is both a professional architect and lifelong lover of all things sweet. Her amazing edible acts combine these two elements into delicious structural marvels that look and taste great. Guests will be astounded as famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and Florence’s Dome are created in breathtaking detail. But it’s not just landmarks our pastry sculptor can create- fairytale castles, dolls houses and even entire city streets and towns are brought to life while you watch. As well as looking to good to be true, each piece of live food art is a culinary masterpiece guaranteed to have your guests’ mouths watering. Our endlessly creative pastry artist has make quite an impression appearing on Italian TV and in 2013 she was honoured with the title of “National Champion of Artistic Pastry”. Her delicious craft has been honed through appearances in competitions across Italy and her live food art were recently featured at Tiffany & Co’s 175th Anniversary party.

When it comes to food and drink themed entertainment , Scarlett Entertainment has it all. Contact our helpful team today and we will be happy to find the right mouth-watering event for you.