This Week in The Event Industry: 5th May

This Week in The Event Industry: 5th May


Happy Friday events profs! This week’s roundup of industry news and event ideas comes in two halves: a look at event failures (Fyre Festival) and how to avoid them, and the latest technologies and how they’re being used to enhance events. 

Happy reading! 

Fyre Festival – what went wrong?

The event failure that EVERYONE is talking about: Fyre Festival. Pitched as a new festival to rival Coachella, this ultra-exclusive festival was to be held on a private island in the Bahamas. Festivalgoers were promised luxury accommodation and music from huge stars like Blink 182, whilst mingling with supermodels like Kendall Jenner. 

Sadly all that was promised did not materialise and attendees arrived to find less than adequate accommodation and food services, whilst many of the top-billed stars said to be attending and performing had pulled out. Needless to say, the social media backlash was huge. Organised by Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, a lack of experience, production support and the correct resources are some of the main reasons for the festival’s downfall. 

Want to hear more about this story? Visit BizBash for a full run down along with some advise on some of the international event industry’s biggest player.

Would you book a virtual celebrity?

Have you heard of Maya Kodes? She’s the newest breed of celebrity. The only thing is that she’s not real. Maya Kodes is in fact a virtual holographic pop star – she can still interact with audiences just like ‘real’ celebrities, but she can also go the extra mile and perform visual tricks that would be physically impossible for any human. 

Using the latest motion capture technology, live animated characters that look real, sound real and interact in a real way are now possible for events. 

Read the whole original article over at Event Manager Blog

Are you guilty of these bad habits?

It’s no secret that event planning is notoriously difficult, and to be a first-class event planners you need to have mastered organisation, communication, creativity and the ability to keep calm and carry on! 

If you feel like you can’t manage all of the above at the same time or you feel like your event are not all that they could be – here are five bad habits that could be holding you back. 

Hologram or Pixel Poi?

So we’ve seen the new holographic celebrity that could change the face of your event. On a smaller scale this new gadget creates the illusion of a hologram (though the technology used is actually more akin to pixel poi) and can create 3D images rather than the 2D logos usually created by poi spinning. 

Watch the video here.

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