This Week in the Event Industry: 28th October

This Week in the Event Industry: 28th October


Another week, another plethora of news from the events industry! It’s Halloween on Monday, which the events industry is taking full advantage of with plenty of themed activations and events from brands taking place over the weekend. Of course with the advent of Halloween it means that the US elections are looming ever closer and industries around the world – including ours – are making their predictions. Aside from topical pieces likes these, of course industry events are also making the news, and inspiration pieces are rife.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite event industry news stories from this week – happy Friday and enjoy!

1) Imagining Trump’s USA

With the end of October nigh, it also means that we’re in the final weeks leading up to the US elections. It has been a surprisingly close race up until the presidential debates which consequently saw a fall in the polls for Trump, the billionaire is claiming that this could be ‘Brexit times five’.

Of course in the eventuality that Trump does win the US presidential election, many industries are making their predictions. Check C&IT’s predictions for how Trump’s election could affect the events industry. 

2) Is more, better?

A great post from Juluis Solaris – editor of – challenging the event community to revaluate the paradigm of ‘more is better’, which seems to have become the be all and end all of events. A must read!

Read it here.

3) Immersive Horror

Personally this sounds like a little too much on the scary side for us, but we fully appreciate that there are those that like to get their adrenaline pumping with a good old scare!

In the spirit of Halloween House of Vans in London is hosting a Halloween themed event in keeping with the brand’s namesakes. With horror scenes, music, movies playing in the cinema room, and a ‘best dressed’ skateboard competition, this experiential venue is going all out for the occasion.

Read more on Event Magazine.

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4) Largest ever IMEX America

This year was a record year for IMEX America, as it saw a record number of exhibiting companies – a 4.8% increase on 2015.

Read the full write up on Conference & Meetings World.

5) Event planners and their budgets

Keeping to budget is one of an event planner’s biggest challenges with any project. Have you ever wondered with the wider industry is doing with theirs? How much they have and how they justify asking for more? Well here is the full report and guide on BizBash.

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