This Week In The Event Industry: 21st July

This Week In The Event Industry: 21st July


Happy Friday event profs and welcome to your weekly roundup of all things events and entertainment! 

Big things that have happened this week are Game Of Thrones making its way onto our screens for Season 7 – it has been TOO long – and Apple have announced some interesting changes that they’ll be making to their App Store. 

So without further ado… 


Calling mission control… are we ready to launch?

You may have noticed the trend that seems to be becoming a ‘thing’ at conventions and exhibitions – big movie releases being announced live at these kinds of event.

There is no doubt that movie marketing has changed in recent years, where there used to be the humble press release and some social media action, there is now the live event platform. Disney’s D23 Expo 2017 launched 13 new movies and San Diego Comic Con is set to play host to several new movies. Why this shift? Read it here


Winter is HERE

Finally. Season 7 of Game Of Thrones has hit our screens and we could not be happier about it. We’re not the only ones it would seem, Deliveroo have devised their own Game Of Thrones themed activation. Teaming up with Ben Hawkey, the actor that played Hot Pie last season, the nice young man that bakes Arya Stark a direworlf shaped loaf of bread, Deliveroo have given their customers the chance to order their own direwolf shaped loaves of bread through their app. 

Only available for a limited time only get your direwolf loaves whilst you can! 


Bye bye White Label Event App

Apple has announced some big changes to their App store that will have massive implications for the way that live events deploy mobile event technology. Apple is pushing app users towards a single, secure, vendor-branded app that can be adapted for all event instances. 

Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch talks about this development in one of our favourite articles of the week


The new era of NMW

Music publisher NME has reinvented itself this year, now publishing the print part of their magazine for free, they’re also working hard on developing live experiences for their followers. 

For their latest experience CineJam, they’ve teamed up with film brand BFI and band Bastille to create a series of curated live events that revolved around music and film. Why is this so important for the brand? Event Magazine talks to Romano Sidoli, NME’s Managing Director, to find out more. Read the whole interview here.

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