This Week In The Event Industry: 14th July

This Week In The Event Industry: 14th July


Happy Friday event profs and welcome to our roundup of event inspiration that has been published this week in the event industry! 

This week we’re looking at the cross boarded tennis match staged by Björn Borg, how you can best use Instagram to promote a food and drink event and how machine learning is helping event planners – oh and we’ll also be reminiscing about 1990s tech gadgets and what event planners used them for! 


Tennis unites!

We’re coming to the end of one of the world’s most followed international tennis tournaments: Wimbledon. In the spirit of Wimbledon, were hundreds of internationals are brought together to celebrate the sport, Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg have staged a tennis match across the US / Mexico border – showing just how sport can unite. 

The tennis match was held at Tijuana River and was between players Mariano Argote from Mexico and Peter Clemente from the US. Read the whole article here


Machine Learning and events

Machine Learning is one of the main technology trends of the past few years and has a wide range of applications in image recognition, behaviour analysis and data mining. A type of artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, focuses on the development of computer programs that can learn from data without being explicitly programmed. 

How can Machine Learning help develop the event industry? Read this insightful article from Daniil Shcherbakov and Kirill Malyshev from marketing platform Radario. 


Instagram – the home of food promotion!

Instagram is the obvious platform choice when it comes to promoting your food and drink event. Home to a whole world of food and drink influencers, it’s not longer about the restaurant critic’s reviews. 

How can you use this to your advantage when it comes to promoting your food and drink event? Partnering up with influencers who are big foodies themselves, ensuring your background setting is on point, and creating an event hashtag are just a few tips. 

Read the whole article here.


1990s tech gadgets – let’s get nostalgic 

Every once in a while it’s good to take a step back and take a look at how far we’ve come in recent years – especially when it comes to the boom in technological advancement!

Here is a fun quiz from Event Manager Blog with 11 questions about event tech used in the 90s by pretty much every event planner – how many will you recognise?



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