Tweet Roundup: #Eventprofs on Twitter

Tweet Roundup: #Eventprofs on Twitter


Welcome to our weekly quick round-up of the world of #EventProfs on Twitter. This week’s highlights include LED trees, fish you can rent, the UK’s biggest gaming festival and indoor cycling using Google Street View.



One of the top stories of the week is that of a hotel at the airport in Belgium offering guests the option to rent a goldfish for the night. For €3.50 lonely guests can have a little fish friend for the night. With a Tweet of this going viral, this has resulted in a promotion for the hotel on a whole new scale.



Tree installation with 138,000 LED lights

The tree of ténéré is an incredible installation that just took place at Burning Man festival. The man made, realistic tree is made up of 138,000 LED lights that were programmed to react to movement, voice and biorhythms of festival attendees.



Using VR and AR to Transform Your Event

VR and AR are fast becoming the must have tech at events all over the world. With this technology constantly developing have you considered using it?



UK’s biggest Gaming Festival

Insomnia61 had its highest ever attendance at the Birmingham NEC. “We have been growing the Insomnia gaming festival over the years, introducing new and exciting features to attract new audiences, and these incredible audience figures are testament to the hard work of the Multiplay Events team.“



Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile

We would all like to make the most out LinkedIn. Here are 29 really useful tips that you may or may not know.



A Lot of Hot Air for Fundraising

Hot air balloons filled the London skyline over the weekend as part of the Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta. The event was aimed at fundraising this year supports campaigns promoting education and music in the community.




This guy has invented cycleVR and concept that uses a VR headset and Google Street View which means you can explore the world without even leaving your house but still get fit whilst doing it.


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