Stilt Walkers Celebrated the World Cup Kickoff with Rugby Fans at Birmingham Airport

Stilt Walkers Celebrated the World Cup Kickoff with Rugby Fans at Birmingham Airport


 Birmingham Airport celebrated the kick off of the Rugby World Cup 2019 last month and Birmingham airport with a wonderful surprise for rugby fans. Perched atop stilts and carrying a rugby ball with them, two peculiar rugby players interacted with passengers throughout the day. 
Getting some rugby practice in with passengers before their flight, stretching and passing the ball to each other through the terminal, these rugby stilt walkers became the highlight of the day at Birmingham Airport.


Stilt Walkers Celebrated the World Cup Kickoff with Rugby Fans at Birmingham Airport

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Seen interacting with people of all ages, these themed stilt walkers were a sensation inside and outside the airport premises. Once they had greeted and posed for photos with passengers at their gates, the fun continued at the entrance of the airport where they welcomed visitors and kept playing around and posing for pictures. 

Taken aback by these rugby players’ heights and looks, both rugby fans and other passersby were immediately intrigued by the themed stilt walkers. Attracting the curiosity of both children and adults, they not only interacted with members of the public but also posed for photos with them. 
Would you like to see some photos and videos of our rugby stilt walkers in action? Make sure you follow Birmingham Airport Instagram account and see its Rugby World Cup highlights!

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