Scarlett Entertainment Now Have Jetpacks

Scarlett Entertainment Now Has Jetpacks


Scarlett Entertainment has flown into the future with incredible Jet Suit Pilots that can fly above both land and water.

The unbelievable technology was created in 2017 by our imaginative Jet Suit Pilot, who from a young age dreamt of making this mind-blowing machinery. Daring to ask ‘what if’, our inventive artist turned his childhood dream into an incredible multi-million organisation.

Starting out with an aluminium tube, a gas turbine mounted onto it and a mop bucket with a fuel tank inside, our creative artist trialled his engineered arm piece down a country lane. Feeling the full force of the engine which puts out a 92kg thrust, it was the first piece of his technological discovery.


Scarlett Entertainment Now Has Jetpacks

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Marking the beginning of his gravity-defying career one day in 2017, he tested the full suit unbeknown that today would be the day that his creation would come to life. Describing it as “the longest six seconds” of his life, he hovered above land for the first time, stunned and excited that he’d succeeded to create this futuristic technology.

Our Jet Suit Pilot said:

“That six seconds marked the transition point from an idea that was supposed to be not at all achievable, to something that demonstrably was.” 

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Able to perform complex unimaginable aerial displays that can be tailored for every event, your guests will be amazed as our Jet Suit Pilots control 1000bhp with their Jetpacks strapped to their backs. Contact our team for more information.

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