Jaw-dropping Lightning Bolt Performers

Jaw-dropping Lightning Bolt Performers


Scarlett Entertainment is delighted to represent Lords of Lightning, a powerful and astonishing act that produces spine-tingling performances with the use of 4 million volts of electricity.
This jaw-dropping performance has become one of the most unique and fascinating shows on the planet! Performed in the darkness, our exhilarating act produce crackling bolts of lightning through their 10kg chain metal suits and props, standing on tall metal infrastructured towers. 
Jeb Hawkins, Technical Manager of the Lords of Lightning, said:

“For our recent show in Saudi Arabia, people were absolutely blown away. They didn’t understand how this was even possible.”


Jaw-dropping Lightning Bolt Performers

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Incorporating client’s innovative ideas, the Lords of Lightning offer customisable props to use within their performances. Made out of conductive materials, these props also manipulate energy to produce the intensifying bolts. 
Their popular performance, The Duel, involves two performers battling against one another with crashing lightning bolts. The intense combat unites energy’s raw power with mesmerising choreographed movements. 

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The light-blasting act also has pans to create a new, cost-effective performance that will condense their infrastructure and kit, making travelling to events a lot lighter. Their brand-new musical tesla coils offer a more unique performance.
Jeb Hawkins, Technical Manager of the Lords of Lightning, said:

“People can either create their own music to play through the coils, or it can become an interactive piece.” 

Contact our team today and bring the wow factor to your next big event with our mind-blowing, bolt-throwing Lords of Lightning performers.

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