Italian Dancers Wow at Milan Fashion Show

Italian Dancers Wow at Milan Fashion Show


Our striking Italian Dancers brought high fashion couture and bespoke entertainment to a Milan Fashion Show last month. 

The catwalk entertainment featured bespoke costumes that were specifically created for the Milan fashion show and saw the dancers mix with guests and show off their extravagant bespoke costumes in a specially choreographed dance. 

The catwalk show displayed 24 bespoke pieces that our four male and four female dancers wowed guests in as they strutted their stuff in bold designs and colourful prints. 

A highly anticipated forward thinking event  boasted catwalk entertainment that was innovative, creative and completely bespoke. Our Italian dancers provided an unforgettable addition to the Milan catwalk show and displayed garments that offered a wide range in themes from futuristic costumes to multi materials, bright and brilliant glamour, bio nature and ‘Liminosi' which closed their performance with glowing LEDs in total darkness. 

The perfect addition to any high end catwalk show our Italian Dancers helped this Milan Fashion Show stand out for all the right reasons and injected creativity and colour into the successful event with their bespoke entertainment. 


Italian Dancers Wow at Milan Fashion Show


Italian Dancers Wow at Milan Fashion Show


Italian Dancers Wow at Milan Fashion Show

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The catwalk show displayed bespoke entertainment that not only wowed guests but enhanced the entire evening of fashion.

Our Italian Dancers worked closely with Entertainment Co-ordinator Roberto Alessandrelli to ensure that every last detail was considered and perfectly matched to the clients vision for their catwalk entertainment. 

Creating a special shared experience for all the fashionistas in attendance our Italian Dancers and Entertainment Coordinator Roberto Alessandrelli worked together to provide high end catwalk entertainment that allowed guests to share a new experience together whilst getting their fashion fix.

Roberto said:

“It was a pleasure working with our dancers on this exciting brief for the Milan fashion show. They really went above and beyond to create bespoke entertainment that left a lasting impression on every guest with their bold costumes and designs”

If you are interested in booking catwalk entertainment or if you would like to find out more about how to create your own bespoke entertainment for your upcoming catwalk show, contact Roberto and our helpful team of Entertainment Specialists.

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