Introducing Scarlett’s Marketing Team: Meet our Visual Content Manager Tom Drakett-Cain

Introducing our Marketing Team: Meet our Visual Content Manager Tom Drakett-Cain


A former Marketing Executive, Tom joined Scarlett Entertainment when the agency’s roster had reached over 8,000 acts worldwide. Three years later, Scarlett’s large catalogue has increased considerably and now offers over 14,000, of which more than 1,700 have been added by Tom himself. 

Having been involved in the music industry for as long as he can remember, Tom’s background as a musician and DJ has given him a real insight into what the entertainment industry expects from performers. As for his role as a Marketing Executive, his experience creating and editing content for hundreds of artists has helped him develop a strict eye for what’s visually compelling. 

We asked him about his experience working at a global entertainment agency, his expectations from his role as Scarlett’s Visual Content Manager and the challenges he faces with audiovisual content. 


Tell us about your experience so far at Scarlett Entertainment, what have been your highlights? 

In three years, I have been able to be a part of the constant change and growth of the company, develop a knowledge of worldwide entertainment I never imagined could have existed and have worked with some great people and in a great work environment.  

Delving into the exciting world of fantastic entertainment all over the world has been somewhat of an eye-opener. Not so much the entertainment types but the sheer volume. For every corner of the world, there are a dozen amazing entertainment options and that's pretty amazing. I'm constantly impressed by some of the acts that I have to deal with and seeing so much variety makes every single day interesting and varied. 

Highlights for me weirdly happened on a regular basis and it can be something as simple as hearing one of our jazz bands do an incredible retro-twist cover of a pop song that I wouldn't normally like but it ends up getting stuck in my head for weeks.


How do you think your previous experience will help you in your new role?

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn into advertising, graphic design, aesthetically pleasing artwork, a desire to write and direct music videos and a strict obsessive compulsion towards finding fault in people’s visual content, be it grammatical errors, poor choice of imagery or poor choice of concept. I have, since starting at Scarlett Entertainment, seen my fair share of promotional material from the 1700+ act pages I have created for the website. Combining my experiences of working with great promo and my passionate approach for delivering great results will really help with my management of Visual Content for Scarlett Entertainment.


Introducing our  Marketing Team: Meet our Visual Content Manager Tom Drakett-Cain

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Can you briefly explain your new responsibilities?

I am responsible for overseeing all forms of visual content that are produced within Scarlett Entertainment. From offering guidance on artwork for blogs and bespoke proposals for clients to conceptualising entertainment showreels to monitoring all visual content on our act pages to making sure everything visual adheres to the company Brand Guidelines and reflects the true high standard of Scarlett entertainment.


What are you looking forward to most in your new role? 

I get excited about managing projects where my team delivers a stunning showreel for some of our entertainment options, even if it is just 20 seconds long. Even short little snippets like this give a real insight into the quality of entertainment we offer and I look forward to working on many more of them. 

I also look forward to working on other quirky little projects like interviews with artists that come into the office, creating bespoke visual content to help raise the profile of the business or to help our team pitch some acts to a client, fun seasonal content and liaising with artists so that I can get them to provide us with the best promo material and exclusively to us if possible!


Introducing our  Marketing Team: Meet our Visual Content Manager Tom Drakett-Cain

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What are the challenges of this new role?

The biggest challenge myself and the team face is promotional content that doesn’t meet our preferred standard. Some acts and entertainers we work with are absolutely brilliant at what they do but struggle to get good photos and videos of themselves. Either they haven’t had the opportunity or budget to set time aside for professionally captured promotional material or they might not be completely savvy with technology. I have empathy for these artists but also regret knowing that what our clients see isn’t a fair representation of what that act does. I endeavour to help these acts out in the future so we can improve their profiles and show their true potential.


What are you hoping to achieve with this new position?

First and foremostly, I hope to raise the standard of promotional photos and videos on all the acts pages. We now have many team members working on act profile pages and, with the right training, many hands make light work, as they say. 

Secondly, I hope to effectively demonstrate through all our visual content that Scarlett Entertainment has some of the most fantastic performers, shows, concepts, characters, entertainers, musicians, providers and experiences located all over the world and all applicable to anything from an intimate themed party to a huge public celebration to a high-end corporate event to a luxury product launch. I want people to see Scarlett Entertainment promo material, or any visual content we produce, and say "wow that's cool" or "that looks amazing, I want that for my event"

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