Introducing our Marketing Team: Meet our Analytics Manager Matt Parker

Introducing our Marketing Team: Meet our Analytics Manager Matt Parker


The newest member of the team, the Marketing department welcomed Matt Parker early this year. A former Social Media Manager, Matt’s experience analysing and interpreting figures alongside his solid background in data analysis quickly made him a key member of the team. 

Matt has quickly adapted to the department’s fast pace of work and has put his analytical brain at the disposal of the team, which has allowed the agency to identify some of the most popular categories, blog articles and acts among its readers. 

Committed to helping improve the content published in our different platforms and optimise the website’s user experience, Matt talked to us about what he’s looking forward the most in his new role and the challenges he’s excited about. 


Tell us about your experience so far at Scarlett Entertainment, what have been your highlights? 

Working at Scarlett Entertainment has been a lot of fun! The Marketing Department is a great bunch and we all rally around whenever it's needed, which is really refreshing as it makes us feel like a proper team.

Highlights have been coming up ideas with the Dubai team for some productions they pitched. 


How do you think your previous experience will help you in your new role?

I was a Social Media Manager for a number of years for a large conglomerate in the South East and was used to using analytical data to do reporting and seeing what we were doing right and wrong. I'm excited to be able to start looking at ways we can make Scarlett Entertainment even better for our clients.


Introducing our Marketing Team: Meet our Analytics Manager Matt Parker

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Can you briefly explain your new responsibilities?

I'll be looking at our analytics to see what's working and what isn't, as well as speaking with external companies to see what we can do to get our business out to even more clients who need excellent entertainment options. It will be mainly focussed around our online content performance. 


What are you looking forward to most in your new role? 

I'm looking forward to seeing the difference all of our new roles will make moving forward. It's a very exciting time at Scarlett as we're experiencing a lot of growth and I believe this will be a huge benefit to the business long-term.


Introducing our Marketing Team: Meet our Analytics Manager Matt Parker

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What are the challenges of this new role?

Interpreting some of the data and making decisions is always a challenge, as sometimes there's a great idea but it's simply the wrong time to implement it. As with any growth period, we have to constantly be analysing data to see how changes are implemented in real-time.


What are you hoping to achieve with this new position?

I really hope to see some strong growth for Scarlett Entertainment in the coming months; I'd like to see further positive changes to some of our online campaigns and I'm looking forward to seeing the future work I know my colleagues can bring to the table. 

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