Quality Impactful Entertainment  For Your Event

Impactful Entertainment For Your Event


At Scarlett Entertainment we produce entertainment to create high impact shows. 

Many of the acts on our roster with the highest engagement during live events and on social media are often those with intense, energetic and sometimes shorter shows. You can view the most popular event themes from 2018 and what to expect for 2019 in our blog here.

The thousands of acts we have on our roster gives you a greater choice of entertainment and we make certain to captivate guests at your event by hand picking a combination of acts that work in harmony with each other.

With attention spans shortening as we live busier and busier lives, the average attention span for humans now falls under 10 minutes. With that in mind and with the incredible work of our Entertainment Specialists, we can capture the attention of your audience for a lot longer than this with immersive environments, incredible performances and wow factor moments that are shared online.


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High octane shows when mixed in with a variety of other acts on our roster will provide your event with captivating performances, ensuring attendees are entertained for the duration of your event.

An engaged audience pays attention to what you say.

So if you’re looking to grab the attention of your guests and deliver a message that audiences will remember, ensure that your show delivers the desired impact by speaking to our specialists. It’s difficult to place a time frame on the duration of your show without knowing the size scale and reason for your event. This is why we always recommend speaking to one of our Entertainment Specialists who captivate audiences for our clients on a daily basis.

Our team understand how to provide maximum impact and their knowledge is invaluable. 

Think you need some direction? Get in touch with one of our team today for some advice. 

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