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Halloween Entertainment Set To Become High End


Halloween is the annual holiday celebrated on the 31st of October. The holiday originated at the Celtic festival of Samhain centuries ago when people used to light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. As the years went on the celebrations became much more mainstream, over time Halloween matured into an international event full of activities which include; trick or treating, pumpkin carving, wearing scary costumes and eating sweets.

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Throughout the years there has been a shift in the style of entertainment that customers are looking for. In 2018 you are less likely to see brands merely dipping their toe in the Halloween pool. The majority of high-end brands will be going all out with immersive Halloween experiences and we’ll be helping our clients create shared experiences for their customers to share online. 

Last year Halloween spending hit record heights in the USA, with over 179 million Americans taking part and spending upwards of $9.1 billion. Many big venues and theme parks such as Disney and Merlin are now putting on special events for Halloween. Universal Studios in Florida is creating The Worlds Premier Halloween Event.

“Every fall at Universal Studios Florida™ nightmares rule the darkness. Houses drawn from the greatest horror stories chill the bravest souls. Streets transform into sinister scare zones. Mad laughter echoes from outrageous live shows. And across the park, some of Universal's most exhilarating attractions tempt with thrilling escapes.” - Universal Orlando™ Halloween Horror Nights.

During this period many businesses and shopping malls in America, and across the globe, turned to Scarlett Entertainment to deliver their spooky entertainment to amplify their brands during the celebrations. 

We expect that Halloween entertainment will boom again in 2018 with high-end entertainment being the focus for brands and businesses.


Halloween Entertainment Set To Become High End

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This year we are enabling our clients to do the unheard of with our entertainment experiences to create hype around their brand. 

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