Chocolate Walkabout Characters Create a Social Media Buzz

Chocolate Walkabout Characters Create a Social Media Buzz


Scarlett Entertainment has recently had the exciting opportunity to source entertainment for a Coffee and Chocolate festival based in Saudi Arabia. Senior Account Manager, Kat Martin, was given the task to find walkabout characters for the festival which would help to create a social media buzz.

Using our entertaining and unique Chocolate Characters to roam the festival was a great success. They have a wide range of different costumes to pick from, which really helped to fit with the client’s needs and to deliver shareable content for social media. They were a hit with the public, with guests queuing to take photos with them.


Chocolate Walkabout Characters Create a Social Media Buzz

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The festival takes place in multiple locations across Saudi Arabia, and we are delighted to hear that our first-time client is now looking to book again with us for their next destination. Our client was very impressed with the chocolate act and their online presence, and are considering using them again at the festival. 

Senior Account Manager, Kat Martin said:

“This is the first time that I have worked with this client, and I am so pleased that we will be working with them again!”

Are you looking for thrilling roaming performers to create a social media craze at your next event? Our Mirror Walkabout Act could be exactly what you are looking for, with their dazzling, sparkly, eye-catching costumes, how will your guests resist having their photos taken with them? Social media is one of the biggest marketing tools of the twenty-first century, and with this in mind, getting your event out to the public is as easy as a click of a button. Now the biggest challenge is to get other people talking about you! Contact our team for inspiring roaming acts that could take your event to the next level on social media.

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