Champagne Aerialists Become a Hit at Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Excellence Awards Gala

Champagne Aerialists Become a Hit at Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Excellence Awards Gala


The Chamber of Commerce and Chilliwack’s Business Community recently joined forces to recognise and celebrate excellence in Chilliwack (British Columbia, Canada). A celebration that takes place annually, this year they trusted Scarlett Entertainment to deliver an ambience performance for the occasion. 

Aiming to surprise event attendees with a different way to have their drinks served, event organisers got in touch with our Account Manager Jayne Doniger with the idea of booking an act that could serve drinks in a unique and fun way. With that in mind, they ended up opting for our fabulous Aerial Wine Servers.

Dressed in gorgeous fairy costumes for the occasion, our aerial acrobats were seen floating in the air dancing and playing, all while serving wine and champagne. Adding whimsical ambience to the room, these skilled aerial bartenders ensured guests’ glasses remained full throughout the evening. 

At some point during the evening, our champagne aerialists were informed they were running out of wine and champagne. Fully prepared to cope with unexpected situations, our highly professional entertainers performed aerial dance routines that kept audiences entertained and mesmerised for the rest of the evening. 

Providing unique and captivating entertainment, those gathered at Chilliwack Heritage Park were seen enjoying our champagne aerialists’ performance and also taking and sharing pictures of their routines with friends and on social networks. 


Champagne Aerialists Become a Hit at Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Excellence Awards Gala

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The Business Excellence Awards publicly acknowledge local businesses, organisations and individuals for their professional excellence. With a shared passion for the community, business owners and members of various organisations met in Heritage Park to honour those who make Chilliwack a great place to live, work and play. 

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