‘ABBA’ Arrive At Dartmouth Golf And Country Club

‘ABBA’ Arrive At Dartmouth Golf And Country Club


The Dartmouth Golf And Country Club created a 1970s themed night just in time for the ever popular ‘ABBA’ come back. Mama Mia, Here They Go Again... 

1970s themed entertainment is on the rise and since ABBA are getting back together Dartmouth Golf and Country Club were first to get a slice of the action by creating an event that celebrated all things ABBA. 

The event held for Dartmouth Golf and Country Club members was enjoyed in true 1970s style by golfers of all ages. 

The Dartmouth Golf and Country Club’s Booking Manager worked with our Business Growth Manager, Laura Caunter, who provided the golf club with an ABBA Tribute Show as the main attraction of the evening. 

The Dartmouth Golf and Country Club in Devon was filled with ‘Dancing Queens’ and kings as our ABBA Tribute Show performed a variety of classic anthems. Keen golfers we’re screaming ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ for Mama Mia and other top hits as they danced the night away in front of a beautiful Devonshire golf course.



‘ABBA’ Arrive At Dartmouth Golf And Country Club

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Booking Manager for Dartmouth Golf and Country Club said:

“Our members love themed nights and the team at Scarlett Entertainment do a fantastic job in providing exactly what we need. We heard about the return of ABBA and wanted to be one of the first in the region to create an 1970s themed evening to celebrate the good news. We’ve worked with Samantha and Laura before so we called our Entertainment Specialists again and they provided the perfect entertainment. We enjoy working with Scarlett Entertainment because they are extremely professional and their Entertainment contracts always give us peace of mind.” 

Entertainment contracts are one of the most important parts of any booking. Samantha has been working at Scarlett Entertainment for nearly seven years and her extensive knowledge of the entertainment roster gives her the know-how to write our Entertainment contracts. Bespoke event specific contracts are created for every booking to protect both our artists and our clients in any eventuality. 

Samantha’s work goes far beyond writing up the contracts, her in depth knowledge of events and entertainment enables her to go over every single detail with a fine tooth comb so that the artist, venue and client all know what to expect at the event. She supports artists, clients, the venue and our Account Managers by working closely with them before and after the event.


‘ABBA’ Arrive At Dartmouth Golf And Country Club

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If you’re looking for a hassle free 1970s event please get in touch and be rest assured that our specialist team will make your event run smoothly. 

If you would like to book a tribute band like our ABBA Tribute Show then please email one of our Entertainment Coordinators who will be happy to help you through the booking process.

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