Your Complete Guide to the Why, Which, and How of Attending Exhibitions

Your Complete Guide to the Why, Which, and How of Attending Exhibitions

Thinking about taking your company or new product to an exhibition, but not sure where to start? Scarlett Entertainment is here to help with our exhibition guide!

In this article we guide you through the reasons why you should attend, deciding which exhibition or trade show is right for you, and how you can ensure your attendance makes an impact and generates attendance.

Why attend exhibitions?

Exhibitions are a powerful platform that can be used to effectively add value to your business.


Attended by like-minded individuals who are more often than not passionate about their industry, new products, and excited to meet new people, exhibitions offer you a captive audience. They offer the chance to speak directly to potential costumers, generate new leads, and engage with existing clients, on a personal level without the awkward barrier of a computer screen or phone. Many attendees also have purchasing power with a view to use it on the spot if they see fit.


As well as being able to interact and engage with people face to face, exhibitions also offer a great opportunity for you to see what your competitors, and other industry professionals, have to offer. You can also learn a lot about the latest developments and innovations in your industry, and gain insights from thought leaders during educational session and seminars.


Having a stand at an exhibition is also a way of situating yourself within your industry. It can also bolster your reputation as a serious company, who is prepared to spend the time, money, and effort on attending a leading industry event.

Which one?

Now that you’ve decided to attend an exhibition you need to make the decision as to which one will be most beneficial for your business. Often this can be the hardest part in the process, but we’ve got a few points for you to consider which should make the choice a bit clearer.

Firstly, establishing a budget that you intend to stick to (include stand, marketing and promotional materials, staff, travel, and accommodation) will help you to immediately rule out which ones you definitely cannot attend.

Then you need to establish your key goals. Do you want to reach a new market? Showcase a new product? Strengthen your relationship with existing clients? Or build brand awareness? Deciding on what you hope to achieve will help you to consider which exhibition will best help you reach these goals.

When you’re doing your homework about each exhibition you should find out:

-    Who else is likely to be there – this includes exhibitors, speakers, and visitors. Establish whether it is aimed at your target market or not.
-    How many people visited last year.
-    What sort of publicity will there be leading up to, during, and after the event? How can you position your own marketing within this?
-    What were the lead generation stats from previous years?
-    How well respected is the event within the industry?

How do you stand out from the crowd?

When you’re exhibiting it’s paramount that you, and your stand, makes a lasting first impression. There are three ways in which to do this; stand design, engaging staff, and alluring interactive displays.

Your stand is going to be your shop window for the day so it needs to look and feel as enticing as possible, whilst also accurately reflecting your brand – what you offer and what you stand for. Aside from the design aesthetics of your stand, and ensuring that your staff are prepped and ready to go, having some form of exhibition entertainment is a sure fire way to success. A great way to create intrigue, grab attention, and engage attendees, entertainment can be tailor-made for you.

360 Hologram Box

Your Complete Guide to the Why, Which, and How of Attending Exhibitions

Although the technology has been around for a little while, holograms are still something rarely seen; once word gets around that you have one on your stand you won’t have a moments peace.


The hologram itself can be customised to meet your needs whether you want a short video playing on a loop or a static image, relating to your service or product. A real head-turner, our hologram box really will intrigue visitors and provide the perfect conversation starter for your team and visitors.


Think It – Move It – Believe It

Your Complete Guide to the Why, Which, and How of Attending Exhibitions

Think It – Move It – Believe It, offers interactive games that combine a little science and the latest technology to make telekinesis a reality. All of the games that visitors will participate in are controlled with their own strength of mind through a headset-sensor. The headset can translate the different signals created by the brain into actions within each game.


A really novel form of interactive exhibition entertainment that pushes the boundaries of human capabilities, it holds a huge universal appeal. The games can be customised to incorporate branding, and products specific to your company.


Insta-Selfie Printer


Our Insta-Selfie Printer is fantastic, as it combines social media interaction, live engagement, and free giveaways. When attendees use your custom hashtag to upload their photos to Instagram they will appear on our Insta-Selfie Printer ready to print onto magnetic paper. Set up a prop-filled, branded back drop and you’re away!


Not only does everyone love taking selfies with their friends and sharing on social media – especially at a big event – the resulting magnets will take pride of place on their fridges when they get home, generating 15,000 impressions over the year.


Magician Tom

Your Complete Guide to the Why, Which, and How of Attending Exhibitions

The master of custom magic tricks, our exclusive magician Tom London can create tailor-made digital magic tricks on any mobile device. Incorporating your logo, product, or buzzwords about your service, Tom’s amazing close up magic tricks, (both digital and traditional), will generate interest in your company and leave a lasting impression.


Magic has a universal, timeless appeal that will work wonders as exhibition entertainment.


Walk Around Robots

Your Complete Guide to the Why, Which, and How of Attending Exhibitions

Our walk around robots are always a huge hit at exhibitions and trade shows. With their eye-catching outfits, energetic and fun-loving personalities they are experts at interacting with crowds and directing them to your stand! Able to wander around the exhibition hall generating interest around your company, they are fantastic footfall drivers.


Especially suited to technology exhibitions and car shows, our walkabout robots will cause a stir at any trade show.


Custom Themed Human Statues

Your Complete Guide to the Why, Which, and How of Attending Exhibitions

Guaranteed to draw attention and create excitement amongst attendees, these unique human statues can be custom made to your specifications – floral, metallic, sports themed, coloured… the list is endless.


Combine highly skilled entertainers with high-end costumes and you get a fun cast of living statues that will attract attention to your stand for all the right reasons.


Of course we have whole roster of living statues for you to browse.


To End.

Exhibitions and tradeshows relating to your industry are well worth attending for a plethora of reasons. Once you’ve picked out the right one, registered, and start designing your stand and marketing plan, take a look at our handpicked roster of exhibition entertainment.


Our experienced entertainment coordinators will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and put together custom entertainment options to seamlessly fit in with the rest of your promotional material. Get in contact by calling 01626 572072 or filling in our online enquiry form.



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