Why sports freestylers are so effective in marketing, advertising and PR campaigns

Why sports freestylers are so effective in marketing, advertising and PR campaigns

It is undeniable that sporting freestylers whether it be football, basketball or rugby are immensely talented at what they do. With slick routines, incredible stunts and impressive tricks – it is no wonder that these talented athletes are often called up to star in some of the biggest advertising campaigns.

As we look to the future technology is running so fast that even we as a society struggle to keep up with it. Constantly immersed within social media and instantaneous visuals and imagery the need for more captivating and awe-inspiring content for advertising, marketing and PR has become even more essential. 

In an industry that revolves around clicking through, scrolling and interacting with digital media there is a greater supply and demand for advertising to keep up with current trends in the market as well as to create new and captivating content. Sporting freestylers offer the instant impact that is so crucial within the media industry, in the form of high energy physical performances. Whilst the tricks may be similar, the flair and style of the individual athlete propel each routine into the realm of original content, which is often hard to come by in such a fast-paced industry. 

Driven by their own challenges and downfalls freestylers not only create gripping content for marketing, advertising and PR campaigns but they embody inspiring values of dedication, hard work and persistence. These athletes did not learn their tricks and routines overnight, they tried and tried again until they achieved perfection, or as close to perfection as one can ever achieve. It is these core values that make for such powerful and motivating content that are often used in campaigns of super brands such as Nike, Adidas, Pepsi and Red Bull. 

Some of the most popular campaigns from these brands have been the advertisements that have featured freestylers and been launched to coincide with major sporting events such as the Euros. Sporting freestylers create content for campaigns that not only stimulates a buzz on social media, but can also be used to engage with target audiences on the street or at events for major PR stunts, for example the Red Bull Freestyle Competition that brings all of the best freestylers together for an epic battle of talent, flair and skill is hugely effective event for the brand and draws crowds from all over. 

Over the years sporting freestylers have graced the internet and our television screens with impactful messages and routines that have not only received thousands of hits online but who have arguably also enhanced the reputation of the brands who feature them.

Pepsi, Nike and Adidas are renowned for featuring top players such as Lionel Messi, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, which is always beneficial when creating a marketing or advertising campaign – however, what makes these adverts so engaging is the enviable skills that transform these personalities from renowned footballers into talented freestylers.

Case Studies

Pepsi Max’s 2014 campaign #LiveForNow features Lionel Messi and various football freestylers showcasing some of their most impressive tricks, but instead of using a football they are using a Pepsi can. Not only does this highlight how creative and versatile sporting freestylers can be, but how these acts and athletes can be used to create customised digital campaigns that are not only engaging to watch but offer constant reminders of the brand or product.


Adidas’ #BeTheDifference campaign was hugely successful as not only an advert but as a PR Stunt as the campaign showcased the best freestylers from all over the globe competing against each other, kitted out in the best Adidas gear on the market and coupled with impressive visuals and interactive billboards to add another dimension to this hugely successful campaign.


But it’s not just football that is immensely effective for marketing, advertising and PR campaigns; basketball freestylers are phenomenal for campaigns and stimulating chatter both online and offline. This was evident in Nike’s 2001 campaign that aired during Game 5 of the NBA finals. Now, this campaign may be over ten years old, yet it is one of the most renowned adverts that is often referenced in all other areas of production such as film, radio and TV. An advert that is simplistic yet demonstrates incredible skill using organic sound that is not only captivating but unforgettable due to its catchy rhythms, impressive skills and immersive visual effects. What makes this campaign so effective is that it engages with the audience on not only a visual level but the advert also stimulates the audiences sense of sound, as the noise of the basketballs hitting the floor and being slapped in the freestylers hands create an attention-grabbing beat that is easily identifiable to this specific advert even years after it first aired – a timeless campaign that still remains to be incredibly effective.


So now you’ve seen some of the best in the business, have a look at our incredible sporting freestylers who have featured in major campaigns for Nike, Adidas, Red Bull, O2 and many more renowned brands.

Football Freestyler Vienna


One of the best football freestylers in Austria and Germany, this talented athlete has made appearances for Red Bull, UEFA, World Sports Festival and many more. An incredible freestyler who not only performs highly technical routines effortlessly, but a freestyler who engages with the audience to create a highly interactive performance that is a hit with audiences of all ages. 

LED Footbag Freestyle Show


In an age that is ever changing, being at the forefront of technology and entertainment is an immensely attractive prospect. Freestylers are now incorporating technology to enhance their routines and create fantastic visuals that not only astound audiences but create highly impressive campaigns for advertising, marketing and PR. Our LED football freestylers have worked alongside Adidas, Kia, MTV and Opel creating freestyle routines that illuminate everything around them.

Female Soccer Freestyler


In a male dominated industry, women in football are making breakthroughs everyday and the same can be said for women freestylers. Not only do female freestylers showcase phenomenal talents, skills and tricks but they are brilliant to reach out to female markets and inspire women and girls of all ages to follow their dreams and get into football and sport. Our female soccer freestyler from Brazil has worked with ESPN, Sky, Fiat and Samsung to provide highly engaging and impressive routines that are a hit with all audiences. 

Freestyle Basketball Show


Basketball freestylers are tremendously impressive within marketing, PR and advertising campaigns due to the advanced tricks that they perform, jumping to superhuman heights that are guaranteed to capture attention wherever they are. This freestyle basketball show certainly does that, with a troupe of athletes who perform incredible stunts, launching their bodies to new heights whilst performing trick shots, slam dunks and passing the ball back to their team mate to finish off the trick, whilst in mid air! 

Female Freestyle Basketball


Female basketball freestylers add a whole new dynamic to any campaign, guaranteed to inspire and encourage as well as astound and amaze. Our female basketball freestyler has worked for an impressive roster of previous clients, including Nike, Kia, Lays, Nestle, Red Bull and Russian Railways. A dynamic athlete who incorporates contemporary stunts, high energy and captivating music to create the perfect display for any media campaign.


To conclude


So there you have some of the best campaigns in the industry and reasons why they are so successful, as well as a handful of our best freestylers that are guaranteed to make your campaign a hit. Freestylers are amongst some of the most talented athletes in their own respect, capable of keeping cool under the pressure of performing stunts and tricks with props and balls as well as perfecting intricate routines that take years of practice. In addition to their captivating talents, freestylers represent core values that many adverts draw upon such as using visuals and narratives to tell their stories as well as targeting new audiences through emotive and inspiring content.



We love keeping up to date with the latest industry news, so if you have seen any incredible sporting freestyle campaigns, tweet us @scarlettent and let us know how you've used sports freestylers at your event. You can also request further information on how to make your marketing, PR or advertising campaign a success or if you would like to enquire about our fantastic freestylers, contact our Entertainment Specialists on 01626 57072.

__By Charlotte Russell

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