What Is The Quickstep? Strictly All You Need to Know

What Is The Quickstep? Strictly All You Need to Know

The first live show of Strictly Come Dancing 2018 saw television presenter and journalist Stacey Dooley and partner Kevin Clifton dance the Quickstep to ‘Dancing’ by Kylie Minogue. A Strictly first, the pair’s agile routine was the first time a couple have performed a Quickstep in week one. 

Due to its fast-paced nature and intricate footwork, the Quickstep is renowned for being one of the more difficult ballrooms dancing styles. However, the pair wowed Strictly Come Dancing judges and received a respectable score of 24 points placing them eighth in the table and making them one to watch for the next coming weeks.

What is the Quickstep?

A ballroom dancing style that originated in New York in the 1920s, the Quickstep is a lighthearted dance that consists of fast and flowing movements. Its origins come from a combination of a slow foxtrot and the Charleston which in today's world is known as swing dancing. First danced by Caribbean and African dancers the melodies are upbeat and is danced in 4/4 time.


Three main characteristics of the Quickstep are Chassés (gliding one foot out and then bringing the feet together), quarter turns and the lockstep (when the moving foot approaches the standing foot and crosses in front or behind it in the direction of approach). 


The Quickstep gradually evolved into a very dynamic ballroom dancing style with advanced hops, runs, fast steps and a lot of momentum and rotation. Due to its brisk nature, it was developed to ragtime era jazz music which was noticeably more fast paced when compared to other dance music. By the end of the 20th Century, advanced dancers had added to the complexity of the dance by using syncopated steps with eighth note durations.


What is the Quickstep and Why is it Considered One of the Harder Ballroom Dancing Styles?


The Quickstep is regarded as one of the more difficult ballroom dancing styles due to the fact it is elegant like the foxtrot and should be smooth and glamorous. Ballroom dancers should appear to be very light on their feet whilst keeping the energy up and the style smooth. With so much to think about 


ballroom dancers should remain elegant and graceful from the waist up and their feet and legs should be moving quickly and precisely. 


What do ballroom dancers wear when performing the Quickstep?


Although the tempo of the Quickstep is as it suggests female ballroom dancers wear long dresses that are similar to what they wear for slower dances such as the Waltz. The dresses tend to be to the ankle ensuring that their fast footwork can clearly be seen and male ballroom dancers wear suits. 


What is the Quickstep? Hire Ballroom Dancers for your Event and Find Out!

What Is The Quickstep? Strictly All You Need to Know

Our Ballroom Dancers from Toronto not only perform stunning Quickstep routines, Foxtrots, Tangos, Waltz and Cha Cha Cha’s but they also lead highly interactive workshops that get you and your guests up on the dance floor and feeling as if you’re on Strictly Come Dancing. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to intermediates and advanced dancers, our Canadian ballroom dancers offer a fun and engaging workshop that teaches you the skills as well as having fun. 


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What Is The Quickstep? Strictly All You Need to Know

Specialising in Latin ballroom dancing our ballroom dancers also perform the Quickstep, Waltz and other classic ballroom dance styles. Available as duos, our ballroom dancers can also be booked as a group making for the ultimate addition to any corporate event, private party or wedding. 


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What Is The Quickstep? Strictly All You Need to Know

Britain’s Got Talent Finalists Jack Pack are one of the UK’s top Swing Bands and are perfect for creating a big sound at all events. With a diverse repertoire, our modern day swing band can perform tracks that are perfect for the Quickstep and guaranteed to provide lasting memories of your event as they provide outstanding live event music for our ballroom dancers to perform to. 


What is the Quickstep? - All You Need To Know


One of the fastest paced ballroom dances there is, the Quickstep boasts a light-hearted performance that is a delight to watch and an impressive feat to master. There is a reason why until now the Quickstep has never been performed in week one, however, Stacey Dooley and partner Kevin Clifton wowed us all and added to the Strictly Mania with their fancy footwork and captivating chemistry. 



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With a whole host of ballroom dancers from across the globe to choose from, head over to our Dancers section and click Ballroom Act to discover and book high-end ballroom dancing acts, perfect for Strictly Come Dancing inspired soirees.


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