What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

Combining two genres of music - house and swing - Electro Swing is taking the events scene by storm, and it’s not hard to see why.  Toe-tapping vintage beats appeal to a wide audience and this uplifting musical style has surfaced at a time when we are seeing a rise of all things retro; fashion, furniture, music, film and more.  Electro Swing has been around for a while, but it is only recently that it has taken off in a big way at festivals, mainstream clubs and at events.

The early part of the 21st century saw a few one-off Electro Swing-style hits like ‘Why Don’t You Do Right?’ by Gramophonedzie and Yolanda Be Cool Vs DCUP’s ‘We No Speak Americano’.  But it was when the pioneering White Mink club nights were launched in 2009 that the Electro Swing scene moved from underground music scene to popular culture.

Since the re-release of the Great Gatsby in 2013, all things 1920s have become hugely popular and there has been a resurgence in speakeasy and prohibition style events, bars and clubs.  The Electro Swing Club (ESC), one of the world’s biggest chain of Electro Swing inspired clubs, currently operates in more than 10 countries including the UK, US, Holland, France and Denmark.

The team at Scarlett Entertainment has their finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s hot in events and when it comes to Electro Swing, we offer a wide variety of DJs and other acts for a truly authentic experience.


1920s Swing Music with a Modern Twist


Electro Swing Band Washington, USA


This act claims to be the first and only live Electro Swing Band in the USA.  Consisting of six talented musicians they perform Electro Swing adding a 1920s twist to any event.  Former clients include Adobe, Sheraton and plenty of vintage themed events!  Dressing the part, they play swing music infused with modern beats for an authentic Electro Swing experience.

What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

Electric Swing Circus Birmingham, UK  


Combining cool swing music with high-energy dance beats, the award-winning Electric Swing Circus is a staple of the UK festival scene and have even been named as one of the highlights at Glastonbury festival.  A six-piece band, which includes two female vocalists, they pack dance floors thanks to their toe-tapping repertoire of Electro Swing music. 


What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

Electro Swing Band Vienna 


Based in Vienna, this upbeat trio consists of a vocalist/flautist, sax player and live electronics with the resulting performance a high-energy fusion of swing and electro beats!  A must-have musical act for event organisers who want plenty of 1920s glamour with a modern twist. 


What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

Electro Swing Djane London/Berlin 


This vintage-inspired DJane splits her time between London and Berlin where she performs at some of the hottest nightclubs and Electro Swing nights.  Performing an eclectic mix of old swing, jazz and pop classics with house music, this DJane has a style all her own.  Also available with live musicians, including a trombone player, she can perform with other Electro Swing DJs.


What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

Other 1920s Inspired Acts


Twin Swing Dance Duo, London  


Complete the 1920s theme at your next Electro Swing inspired event with this Swing Dance Duo from London.  These twin sisters perform an upbeat show that is 1920s/Great Gatsby inspired and can be choreographed to suit individual events.  A great act to pair with an Electro Swing DJ or band.


What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

Vintage Fake Paparazzi, UK 


These camera wielding, anorak clad paps are sure to give any Electro Swing night that star quality!  Pap guests as they arrive at the venue in true vintage style.  A great way to ensure that there is a memento of your unforgettable evening.


What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

Tap dancing Charlie Chaplins, Slovakia 


Available with up to 12 performers, this act will transport the audience back to a golden age of black and white films and 1920s nostalgia.  A show that combines 1920s inspired tap dance and comedy, this option could be performed alongside Electro Swing musicians at a range of events!


What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

1920s Burlesque Performer New York 


Decked out in a glamorous costume reminiscent of the roaring 20s, this sassy Burlesque performer has appeared in publications that include Marie Claire, The New York Times and Style Magazine.  The ideal accompaniment to any Electro Swing performance, this stunning act will perform Burlesque for your vintage event.


What’s Hot for Events – Electro Swing

__By Beki Polding

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