What is Cultural Entertainment (and why you should book this for your event)

What is Cultural Entertainment (and why you should book this for your event)

Getting the most from cultural entertainment for your next event 

Cultural Entertainment: The act of embracing the tradition of a country or group’s rich history and making it accessible and engaging to the masses. 

A great entertainment option for brand launches, award ceremonies or hosting events, cultural performances help cement brand authenticity, connect with valued advocates and allow clients to emphasise significant achievements throughout their history by connecting with significant traditional performances.

Translating entertainment into an entity which can be appreciated by natives, tourists, guests and consumers whilst remaining relevant is never easy, but we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite artists and performers that we think hit the nail on the head.

Some of Scarlett Entertainment's Top Picks

Samba Troupe Brazil

Nowhere comes close to Brazil when embracing the carnival spirit. It has a rich history of cultural diversity that stems from a combination of Portuguese and Afro-Brazilian culture, and our Samba Troupe are an excellent choice for those looking to bring the sun and samba to their next event. 

With dancers, singers, percussionists and musicians wearing authentic costumes and embracing the vibrant carnival atmosphere, it helps to cement the legitimacy of their performance whilst making it engaging and accessible for those who might not have experienced the carnival before.



Polynesian Fire Show 

Staying true to the islands of Polynesia, our Polynesian Fire Show performers are ideal for bringing a flair of excitement to your next event. Using traditional dancing and fire, our performers are here to show guests some of the exciting and unique history the islands of Polynesia have to offer.

Getting guests involved in fire-limbo, traditional Tahitian dance and Hula means it’s sure to be an event to remember. 



Bavarian Strolling Band 

Bringing the fun and energy of the traditional oom-pah bands, our Bavarian Strolling Band are the ideal choice for those looking to embrace the spirit of Germany. 

Perfect for Oktoberfest events, German National Days or private events, our performers  embrace the quintessential elements of German roaming bands and bring them to the masses. 


What is Cultural Entertainment (and why you should book this for your event)

Different Flavours Combine 

As well as traditional performances, ever-increasing global connectivity has lead to performances merging various elements and creating new subcategories. These unique offerings combine elements of traditional performance with exterior influence to create something truly unique.

With that in mind, here are some performers who are an excellent choice for those looking to add a new twist to traditional entertainment

Flamenco Hip Hop Show 

Combining the exciting and exotic world of Spanish flamenco with the contemporary dance and music of hip-hop, this 13-piece dance troupe perform a high-energy fusion that keeps guests wanting more. Syncopated, lazy hip-hop backbeats married to traditional guitar and flamenco dancing create a new way of experiencing this traditional Spanish entertainment and is perfect for a variety of events.


What is Cultural Entertainment (and why you should book this for your event)


Fusion Dancers Sri Lanka

Embracing the stunning traditional garb of Sri Lankan performances and combining it with edgier dance styles often found in urban and hip-hop circles, our talented Fusion Dancers Sri Lanka are ideal for events that want to branch out from traditional performance options whilst also maintaining links to important cultural cues.


What is Cultural Entertainment (and why you should book this for your event)


Scottish Folk Band

A charming fusion of Celtic folk music and contemporary Western styles, our Scottish Folk Band blur the lines between traditional cultural entertainment and more modern, easily accessible music styles. This unique blend of different musical influences has seen them in demand at festivals across the UK, Europe and South America, and they’ve also appeared on CBeebies. 



How can we help? 

Cultural Entertainment is clearly a diverse and useful tool for brands and events looking to cement their authenticity whilst offering something unique to audiences and guests. 
If you’re looking at embracing some of the traditional or fusion acts we have on offer for your next event, click here to see how our team can help. 


__By Matt Parker

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