Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

Wedding Trends for 2020: Entertainment You Will Enjoy at Weddings This Year

2020 is not only the beginning of a new year, but also the start of a new decade. As such, this rounded number is expected to bring tons of changes and exciting entertainment options for weddings. 

At Scarlett Entertainment, we’re proud to bring you, for the fifth year in a row, our annual wedding entertainment trends report, a must-read for wedding planners at a global level and brides and grooms tying the knot this year. 

Key Factors About Weddings in 2020

Generally speaking, this is what you need to know regarding wedding trends for 2020. 


  • Sustainable decor and inclusive menus will be a must. Princess Eugene’s environmentally-friendly wedding consolidated this trend and boosted the demand of eco-friendly providers for weddings. 
  • Following the above, seasonal flowers will be in high demand, and you can expect to see living trees and plants in pots or containers instead of cut flowers. They will later be planted or given to guests as gifts.
  • Embroidered and personalised wedding dresses like the ones Chiara Ferragni or Hailey Bieber picked for their big day. Chiara’s Dior gown was threaded with lyrics from her husband’s songs and Hailey’s had the statement ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ inscribed on her veil. This will be the perfect way for couples to tell their own love story!
  • Long banquet tables will displace rounded tables. Providing weddings with a spectacular new decade vibe, long tables extend out into the distance and add extra value: a strong visual impact as they stretch away as far as the eye can see
  • Unique and personalised gifts and sensorial experiences for guests. Tailor-made illustrations, sketched invitations or table plans, engraved bottles, hip flasks or perfumes and unique and different sensorial experiences (tactile, olfactory, gustatory or visual) will be among couples’ picks for this year.  


1. Decor: sustainable weddings for 2020!

If you’re getting married in 2020, you will inevitably find yourself following the trend everyone is talking about: sustainability. From choosing the right catering provider (vegetarian and vegan menus will become more and more common) to opting for seasonal flowers or avoiding one-time use products (for example, tablecloths that can be reused), environmentally friendly alternatives are what everyone is expecting from weddings in the new decade. 

Our floral providers offer truly spectacular, unique and versatile options. From distinctive and unconventional centrepieces to modern flower styling concepts, our florists can use different seasonal flowers to create bespoke arrangements. Greens and whites are expected to find their way into 2020 weddings as they represent fresh vegetation and eco-friendliness. 

In response to environmental issues, sustainable fashion will also offer couples and their guest's different options for weddings. Our very own paper hat artist can create beautiful hat designs in only five minutes and she can either use recycled paper for her designs or produce hats with paper that can later be recycled. 

Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

In the photo: Floral Event Decor and Paper Hat Artist


2. Exclusive and never-seen-before catering options


When it comes to sensorial experiences, food will be what everyone will be looking forward to. Seafood lovers will be the big winners of this trend as wandering catering providers such as the Oyster Boys and Caviar Ladies offer a unique and sophisticated gastronomic experience during wedding receptions that will whet everyone’s appetite and prepare it for the big banquet.


Other extraordinary alternatives include edible balloons, which guests can eat quickly so their voice goes high and squeaky. Offering various flavours, couples and their guests will be able to enjoy various flavours including banoffee pie and sherbet lemon. These edible wonders will help create a fun atmosphere at receptions and will get everyone laughing and enjoying themselves before the bride and groom invite them to the banquet room. 


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

In the photo: Edible Balloons Maker and the Oyster Boys


3. Original yet traditional bridal entrances


Even though we’ve been talking about breaking the rules for a few years now, original bridal entrances don’t cease to amaze us. With many couples still willing to create their own traditions, more and more brides tend to jump on the unique entrance bandwagon. 


Whether brides opt for a traditional way to walk down the aisle or a surprising way to make an entrance to their wedding, there are a few options that have been recently added to our roster worth mentioning for 2020 weddings. Embellished tuk-tuks and fairytale horse carriages are a very popular option for modern and traditional brides to arrive at the church or wedding venue, whilst the most adventurous wives-to-be will prefer to come down from the sky riding on a hot air balloon. 


Does it sound astonishing? The Flying Bride already proved descending from the sky for a breathtaking wedding entrance was possible!


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

In the photo: Tara Tuk-Tuk Photo Booth and Hot Air Balloon Act


4. Personalised and chic wedding giveaways 


Unique and fully personalised wedding gifts are still trendy, the only difference being couples in 2020 will try to be even more original and exquisite with their choices. Some of our predictions include engraved glass gifts (hip flasks, perfumes, wine bottles), glass sculptures, wedding sketches and fashion illustrations. 


Able to produce their fascinating creations right before your guests’ eyes, talented live event artists can be the icing on the cake of a magical day. Fashionistas won’t resist having an illustrator creating a bespoke sketch of their wedding gown or a beautiful illustration of the moment they tie the knot. 


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

In the photo: Hand Engraved Glass Artist, Fashion Illustrator, California Wedding Sketches and Glass Sculptor


5. Ceremonies with a different touch

One of our biggest bets for 2020 is wedding ceremonies with a distinctive touch. That’s precisely what a wedding celebrant can offer. A professional master of ceremonies can fulfil all the legal paperwork and also work as a counsellor to advise your friend or relative on how to officiate your ceremony. Delivering a custom-made speech that moves away from impersonal ceremonies, a wedding celebrant can officiate a wedding in more than one language, which is great for couples of different nationalities. 

A cappella singers who provide the soundtrack to wedding ceremonies are also expected to be in high demand this year. Delighting family and friends with their melodious voices and exquisite elegance, operatic singers will bring that traditional and elegant touch brides and grooms normally request for their wedding ceremony. 


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

In the photo: Wedding Celebrant and Soprano Sisters


6. Walkabout entertainment to make wedding receptions dynamic


Moments in between drinks receptions and wedding banquets normally call for walkabout entertainment. 2020 will see the return of white characters: ballet dancers and ballerinas, circus entertainers, stilt walkers, subtle LED characters...The more unique, the better!


Adding dynamism and a stunning element to your wedding decor, white walkabout entertainers can meet and greet guests, pose for photos and eventually guide them to the following scenario whether it be your banquet or your evening party. They come in all shapes and forms so couples can choose from a variety of walkabout performances according to their theme, style or preference. 


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

In the photo: Vintage Circus Parade, White Peacocks on Stilts and LED Moon and Stars Ballet


7. Unique Entertainers and Technology to Welcome a New Decade


With new technologies taking the world by storm for the last 30 years, it was almost impossible for them not to be part of our wedding entertainment trends for 2020. Besides being a practical tool for filmmaking, transportation and other fields, drones have also found their place in the entertainment industry. In 2020, couples will opt for customised indoor drone shows specifically tailored to their vision. Creating a one-of-a-kind experience, aerial drone shows can add that extra magical touch any newlyweds look for their big day!


A Scarlett Entertainment favourite for 2020, mirror people are expected to be one of the most in-demand walkabout entertainment options for drinks receptions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings, these fascinating and unique characters are an ode to post-modernity and have all the ingredients we love to make any event - especially a wedding - an unforgettable one: they’re different, they’re sparkly and they’re mesmerising to watch!


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2020

In the photo: Verity Indoor Aerial Drones  and Mirror People


Further entertainment for weddings in 2020


The start of a new decade opens a range of possibilities for couples tying the knot in the next 365 days and in the next 10 years. 


Always ahead of the game when it comes to entertainment, you can trust our group of experts to put together different shows, entertainers and entertainment alternatives for your wedding in 2020. 


If you would like to explore past wedding entertainment trends, make sure you check past years’ wedding trends reports:



If you would like to book wedding entertainment, get in touch today and let us help you transform your wedding into exactly what you have in mind. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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