Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

The new year is around the corner and, with it, new and innovative wedding entertainment trends. Are you a bride or groom getting married this year? Or a wedding planner helping a couple have their wedding of their dreams? Then this Wedding Entertainment Trends report is a must compulsory read!

Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

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What will be the top wedding entertainment trends in 2018?


 Live wedding music is without a doubt the most in-demand entertainment option. It’s something that is never out of date, though musicians’ style definitely varies over the years. We foresee the number of enquiries for roaming bands will continue to increase.


Flower Walls and services such as Pop Up Beauty Bars and other activities that involve interaction will continue to be clear trends in 2018. Beauty bars and services offering the opportunity for a unique selfie are already popular among event organisers. Throughout 2017, they booked them for private parties and corporate events with big success, and it’s something that brides and grooms are starting to be interested in. This way, they offer a treat to their guests as a personal gift.


Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

Flower walls will continue to be trendy in 2018 and pop up beauty bars will be the perfect way to offer a treat to wedding guests


Flash Mob Dancers and Surprise Singing Waiters are also in the list of our wedding entertainment predictions for 2018. Modern brides and grooms are looking for new ways to surprise and delight their guests and make their special day unforgettable.Our performers specialise in bespoke choreographies  offer a show that is as unique as the couple themselves.


Pop up bars and novel food vendors will also be trendy. The percentage of pop up venues hired for weddings have experienced a sharp increase in demand for weddings. We forecast a significant growth in demand for novel and exciting ways to not only entertain but to feed hungry guests.


Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

Pop up venues like tipis and surprise singing waiters will also be trendy in 2018


Trending wedding entertainment on the way out in 2018?

Caricaturists and other live event artists like event painters are always going to be popular but they face competition from the boom of photo, selfie and video booths. We also anticipate the continued rapid rise of the Fashion Illustrators as fashion conscious couples looking to share their passion with guests.


Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

Fashion conscious couples will share their passion with guests by hiring fashion illustrators in 2018


Unique wedding entertainment ideas for 2018

Services like the ones offered by our 3D Chocolate Carvers or Print Yourself In 3D are booming. We expect more and more couples to hire these bespoke services to provide a unique personalised gift to remember their special day with. 


We also foresee unconventional musical options that are not traditionally seen as being naturally suited to weddings, such as beatboxers and bandaoke bands, to be on the wish list of trendy young couples in 2018. This is a clear indication of the changing tastes and preferences of the new generation of brides and grooms. Flair bartenders will also continue to provide the added benefit of providing a guests refreshing drink accompanied with a dynamic and exciting live performance. 


Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

3D Chocolate Carving and Print Yourself in 3D are already popular services among brides and grooms


How is technology playing a role in trending wedding entertainment in 2018?

The rise of social networks has made technology play an essential role in entertainment. Wedding guests, in particular, love sharing moments and love sharing pictures, which this makes services like photo booths very popular. 


Interactive ‘Experiential’ Activities


Weddings are a great event type for getting everyone involved in the entertainment. This year, we’ve been adding new and interactive activities to our books and we expect many couples to book them for their weddings in 2018. Games like Interactive Giant Floor Pianos, Interactive Sound Systems, virtual reality games, Digital Hashtag Projection Walls, Interactive Graffiti Walls, will give guest an opportunity to mix with each other while playing.


Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

Interactive activities like giant floor pianos and technology will enter into play in 2018


Other than live wedding music, what are some other wedding entertainment trends we will be seeing in 2018?

Over the coming years, we will see a rise of experiential activities like the ones mentioned above booked for weddings. World and cultural acts will be popular in 2018. 


One of our biggest wedding events this year revolved around Japanese themed entertainment. It involved a sumo combat display with some of the best wrestlers in the world, five geishas who welcomed guests to the occasion and posed for photos; Taiko Drummers and an Asian parade of acrobats, jugglers, stilt walkers, musicians and dancers. 


Other high-profile weddings in Asia booked synchronised swimmers with flaming torches. We’re expecting bespoke shows that are both visually stunning and involve sporting activities are trendy next year.


Wedding Entertainment Trends For 2018

Acrobats will be the perfect addition to any reception and cultural acts will allow couples to share a peice of their cultural heritage with guests


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