VR & Trade Shows: Shifting the role of the audience from viewer to participant

VR & Trade Shows: Shifting the role of the audience from viewer to participant

Engage delegates at your conference or trade show with VR


There has been growing anticipation around virtual reality (VR) in the events space over the past few years. Despite VR being one of the most popular ‘futuristic’ tech options for conferences, only 11% of Eventbrite’s respondents in the 2019 survey state they used VR or AR last year, presenting a huge opportunity for differentiation. 

Slotting perfectly into the current trend for experiences and engaging activations at conferences and trade shows along with other B2B events, virtual reality is changing the game making it just what you need to shake up delegates’ participation in a traditionally stale sector. 

How can trade shows and conferences use VR? 

Highly immersive, VR shifts the role of the audience from viewer to participant. Be it for entertainment or education, it’s this breaking down of the separation between presenter and audience that brings everyone together into a shared experience. Helping delegates to forge a stronger connection with the material at your event, VR makes the experience more engaging and memorable for both exhibitors and delegates.

We explore the key benefits of incorporating VR at conferences and trade shows.


VR & Trade Shows: Shifting the role of the audience from viewer to participant


VR can Entertain

Predominantly used in the gaming sphere at present, VR plunges users into a virtual world where anything is possible. From shoot ‘em up games and zombie apocalypses to extreme sports and fantasy landscapes, VR games are a sure-fire way to drive footfall to your trade show stand or create a highly memorable activation at conferences.

Check out our Virtual Rollercoaster Ride and Customisable VR Games for something VR-inspired, discover our Hara Hiroki VR Illusion Show

Whether tied to your industry or not, VR makes for a novel entertainment option using up little of your precious space.


VR can Educate

Virtual environments allow delegates to experience situations without the risks or costs associated with real-world training. From space flight and heart surgery to deep-sea diving and the latest scientific advancements, VR is a wonderful tool for informing through entertainment. 

We can help you develop industry-specific training, workshops, experiences and storytelling through VR that will educate in a highly engaging way. Not to be forgotten, virtual reality can also connect remote delegates not able to make it in person.


VR & Trade Shows: Shifting the role of the audience from viewer to participant


VR can Inspire

The beauty of virtual reality is that the only limit is your imagination. With huge scope for creativity and originality, VR at trade shows and conferences enables event planners to really go for it and disrupt format norms. 

What could be more inspiring than stepping into a bucket-list experience or encountering otherwise out-of-reach situations? Whet your delegates’ appetite for more by tempting them with a taste of what you can offer in real life and you’ll have them hooked.

Not only is the VR experience inspiring for delegates, but it’ll get your own creative juices flowing too! 


VR can Sell

Sell the emotion or experience around your product by placing it into a virtual world. Evoke emotions and show potential buyers the bigger picture.

Don’t have the time or capital to create prototypes? Test your new product development concepts with a highly engaged audience to get a read of their reaction - a fantastic opportunity for market research! 

Don’t forget the media benefit of spectacular VR activations! Create media attention, PR and digital content that will last long after the event itself. Add branding to the headsets, booths and inside your virtual world for maximum impact.


VR & Trade Shows: Shifting the role of the audience from viewer to participant


Book Virtual Reality Entertainment

These are just a few of the ways that virtual reality can engage guests at conferences and trade shows but there are plenty more! We can book VR experiences for corporate events across the world including the UK, USA, Dubai and beyond. Contact us for more information about how VR can turn your audience from viewer to participant. 

Looking for more? Check out our helpful guide to the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality.


__By Freya Britton

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