Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences

Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences

Attending sporting events has changed dramatically over recent years with major sporting events becoming much more about entertainment and the social aspect as well as the sporting contest. With instant access to information at the click of a button and swipe of a screen, the need for engaging fan experiences on TV, online and at the stadiums have become increasingly popular. 

As Lady Gaga plunged from the top of the NRG Stadium onto the field to perform routines packed with flames, fireworks, drone shows and an army of backup dancers at the Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2017, it is evident that the entertainment factor of sports has reached exciting levels. 

Sporting Event Trends in 2018

As sporting event organisers strive to maximise their reach and grow their audiences as much as possible, key trends in sports events have emerged with the primary focus being creating live experiences that are unlike anything sporting fans have ever encountered before.


With every sport having its own unique style and tradition to ramp up the drama and excitement, boxing has always been a sport that immerses fans in the fight ahead with heated press conferences, advertisements on TV, billboards and radio stations.


As Anthony Joshua faced Wladimir Klitschko in April 2017 in the highly anticipated heavyweight title fight, Joshua’s entrance to the ring is certainly one to remember as he walked out to Stormzy as his backing track before switching it up to Seven Nation Army as he walked onto a raising platform complete with a pyro show and flaming initials either side of him. With countless scores of fans at the boxing match tweeting and filming as well as fans at home tweeting and commenting on the event, this high profile and extravagant entrance shows just how far sporting event organisers are willing to go to strike a chord with fans and provide experiences that impact both the fans in the arena as well as the fans at home.


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Our customisable pyrotechnics are perfect for recreating Anthony Joshua’s infamous walk out with stunning displays and stage effects for both indoor and outdoor events. These sporting event trends in 2018 will be expected to feature more pyrotechnics and immersive experiences as sporting event organisers strive to grow their audiences and attract more viewers to the sport.


Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences


Sporting Event Trends in 2018 – Live Experiences

With a percentage of fans wanting to experience sport in a more visceral manner, being in the moment is just as important as experiencing and engaging with the sport itself. Therefore sports industry trends in 2018 place a huge importance on live experiences with the Spanish Grand Prix featuring a new fan zone complete with zip wires, simulators and pitstop challenges to give fans more for their money as well as engaging with the sport on a new and personal level.


Our racing simulators are guaranteed to draw in fans at every sporting event as they race head to head with one another, showing their skills and competing against fellow racing fans, friends and family.


Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences


In an article featured in Stand Out Magazine, Managing Director of Strategy and Consultancy at CSM Sports and Entertainment said:

“Being there is important and having really great experiential engagements with the sport is important”

With a shift towards experiential engagements being a key sporting event trend in 2018, here are some top entertainment options that will take your sporting event to the next level.


1.    Live Music

Roaming bands are a fantastic addition to sporting events as they quite literally roam about the event, interacting with fans and adding to the overall atmosphere of the major sporting event with feel good music that is a guaranteed hit with all fans.


Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences


2.    Communication with Athletes and Sportsmen and Women

One way to excite fans and increase fan engagement at sporting events is through player interviews and meet and greets whether its footballers signing autographs, managers providing interviews or players posing for photos with fans – the opportunity to meet their sporting hero is enough to encourage most fans to attend more games/matches/tournaments. At the GolfSixes event the organisers arranged amphitheatre-style stands, music and pyrotechnics in addition to all of the players wearing microphones to help bring fans closer to the action.


Our Event Reporter provides a great opportunity to make your fans feel apart of the action as she roams about crowds with her cameraman interviewing everyone and making every person feel like a VIP.


Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences


3.    Entertainment for your Fan Zone

With the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona setting the example of live fan experiences at sporting events, here are some fan zone entertainment options that will increase engagement at your sporting event.

  • Interactive Football Wall 

This interactive football wall is a fantastic way to increase engagement at your football event as football fans are given the chance to see if they have what it takes to be the next Ronaldo.


Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences


  • Titan the Robot 

A walkabout robot act that has entertained racing fans at F1, Titan the Robot is a great addition for increasing engagement at sporting events as he poses for photos, interacts and excites sporting fans of all ages.


Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences


  • Freestylers

No matter what the event whether it be football, basketball or American football, sports freestylers are incredibly exciting to watch and boast the perfect addition to any fan zone area as they perform tricks and stunts that capture everyone’s attention as well as get everyone to pull out their phones and start filming, increasing engagement both online and in the moment.


Trends in Sports Events: What Sporting Event Organisers Are Doing to Grow Audiences



As sports industry trends in 2018 become more focused around experiential entertainment as well as the game, the need for exciting and new ideas to connect with fans seems to be even more important than ever before. With major sporting events featuring pyrotechnics, live music and walkabout entertainment as well as interacting with the game on social media platforms, it can be said that sporting trends are focusing more on the experiential side in order to stay relevant and maximise audience reach.


We anticipate that sporting event trends in 2018 will be packed with a lot more fireworks, showstopper half time shows and latest technology productions that create a unique and memorable experience for sporting fans. 



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