Traditional Russian Entertainment For Your Event In Moscow

Traditional Russian Entertainment For Your Event In Moscow

Russia is a country with a rich culture, steeped in history and with strong traditions and influential arts, making it an ideal location for hosting an event with quality local entertainment. At Scarlett Entertainment we have an impressive roster of Russian acts that will bring an authentic feel to any occasion, ranging from the very traditional to the more modern takes on the country's diverse culture. Certain to delight and amaze guests at your event, our incredible entertainment options will deliver a real taste of traditional Russia that will be the highlight of your event in Moscow.


Russian Folk Traditions


Folk traditions in Russia are a central aspect of the culture, and still maintain a strong influence today, with numerous types of folk music and dance in existence, each one representing the country's unique heritage. Why not bring the customs of Russia to your event with our fantastic traditional folk acts:


Russian Folk Ensemble


A talented group of professional musicians who will make any occasion unforgettable, our Russian folk ensemble are available to perform as a 5 piece line up or greater, playing an eclectic mix of Russian, Ukrainian, Gypsy and Cossack music. Certain to lend your event in Moscow that authentic feel, they perform on traditional Russian instruments including the balalaika, the Russian accordion, the 7-string guitar, the Zuleika, the Vladimir horns, the Russian flute and the bagpipes. Devoted to their music, these skilled performers in their traditional outfits will certainly add that special touch to your event.

Traditional Russian Entertainment For Your Event In Moscow

Cossack Dance Show


Famous all over the world for its boisterous energy and acrobatic qualities, the Cossack dance is certain to lend your event a traditional feeling, as well as infusing the occasion with vigour, colour and joy. Our brilliant dance troupe perform with passion and enthusiasm, in authentic handmade national costumes, and as well as the Cossack dance can perform a variety of traditional Russian and Gypsy dances that will be the talk of any function, providing a captivating visual spectacle.


The Russian Circus


The circus has always been an extremely popular form of entertainment in Russia, and the Moscow State Circus is world-renowned, famous for its clowns, breath-taking acrobatic stunts, and performing animals. Recreate the atmosphere of amazement and wonder at your Moscow event with our incredible circus acts:


Aerial & Acrobat St Petersburg


A sensational performer who will leave your guests mesmerised, our wonderful aerialist and acrobat will bring an elegant, refined atmosphere to the occasion, providing the perfect entertainment for your Moscow event. She can offer aerial silk and hoop performances for larger venues, or a show on her freestanding hoop for more intimate settings, making her ideal for a range of functions. For added wow factor, she can perform on an LED freestanding hoop that creates incredible special effects as it spins, creating an instant talking point and guaranteeing that guests will remember your event for a long time to come.


Traditional Russian Entertainment For Your Event In Moscow

Contortionist St Petersburg


Showcasing incredible flexibility and strength, this amazing contortionist offers a stunning visual spectacle that will be the highlight of your function as she twists and contorts her body in astonishing ways. She will adapt her performance to suit your event, with a diverse range of contortion shows already in her repertoire, including a performance as a beguiling snake woman and a show from inside a martini glass, all complete with stunning costumes that add to the spectacular visuals. A guaranteed way to bring the marvels of the Russian circus to your event, our fabulous contortionist is certain to be a hit with your guests.


Traditional Russian Entertainment For Your Event In Moscow

Juggler: Denis


No circus would be complete without an impressive juggling act, and Moscow based Denis delivers just that, putting on a fast paced, high energy show that features a range of breath-taking tricks to delight and astound your guests. An award-winning performer, he will engage audiences effortlessly as he expertly juggles in between an acrobatic display of handstands and cartwheels, producing a jaw-dropping show that will go down a storm.


Russia & The Arts


From famous classical musical composers, ballet dancers and opera singers to esteemed playwrights, directors and actors, the performing arts in Russia have an excellent reputation and influence all around the world. Add a refined touch to your event with our culturally inspired Russian entertainment options:


The Nutcracker On Ice


The most famous of Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's compositions, and still one of the most popular ballets to date, The Nutcracker is the original winter wonderland story, taking audiences on a fantastical journey that will stay with them forever. Our brilliant ice skating show combines one of Russia's greatest cultural masterpieces with one of Russia's most beloved sports, culminating in a truly stunning show that will wow guests at your event. Featuring modern technology, dazzling costumes and top professional figure skaters, this performance will be one to remember.


Princess Anastasia On Ice


A defining moment in Russian history, the execution of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia, and his family, led to much speculation, with many believing that his youngest daughter, Anastasia, had escaped. As a result, Princess Anastasia became a cultural figure and the subject of many pieces of theatre, literature and cinema. One such piece inspired by the true events, this beautiful ice skating show tells the tragic love story of an officer and a Russian princess, in which great national theatre traditions and professional figure skating are combined to create a spectacular performance that will undoubtedly move audiences at your event.


Contemporary Russia


If you're looking to bring a Russian feel to your Moscow event, but want to keep the occasion up to date, still reflecting the country's diverse culture but without giving your function too much of a conventional tone, then look no further than our amazing modern Russian acts:


Russian Burlesque Performer


Vodka is, of course, synonymous with Russia, so what could be more appropriate than having our beautiful burlesque artist perform for guests at your event from inside a giant martini glass! A scintillating show of seduction that will certainly grab attention at your function, this performance combines charm and sensuality in a display of grace and female elegance that will add a risqué element to any occasion. Opulent costumes adorned with Swarovski crystals and ostrich feathers add a glamorous touch to the affair, whilst the burlesque performer's bewitching routines will surely dazzle all who witness them.


For more information about our wonderful Russian acts, contact us at and follow us on @scarlettent_eu.


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