Top Tips for Hosting a Brazilian Themed Event or Party

Top Tips for Hosting a Brazilian Themed Event or Party

Brazilians really know how to throw a party, being very passionate and so full of energy!  So a Brazilian or carnival atmosphere makes for a great party theme. 

With the FIFA 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics being held in Brazil, this theme is predicted to be big over the coming months!  Here, we give you some top tips for hosting a Brazilian themed event...

Décor – setting the scene for guests is very important, as this will get them into the swing of things straight away.  The colour scheme should be the traditional yellow, blue and green of the Brazil flag, but could also include the vibrant reds, purples and oranges associated with Latin American cultures!  Props could include palm trees, carnival-style bunting, Brazil flags, exotic feathers, tropical fruit and large, brightly coloured plants and flowers.

Food – Brazil is famous for its exotic cuisine and food can be offered to guests as smaller taster dishes, so that they get to experience a variety of flavours.  Typical or traditional dishes include;
•    Cheese bread
•    Stuffed crab shells
•    Salt cod fritters
•    Feijoada – black beans with mixed meats.
•    Chicken Bobó – Brazilian Chicken Stew
•    Shrimp Moqueca – shrimp stew
•    Brigadeiros – traditional chocolate confection

To drink, guests should be offered freshly mixed Caipirinhas!  This drink is very similar to the popular Mojitos, but contains Cachaça (Brazilian liquor made from cane sugar).  Caipirinhas should be made fresh to order so as not to ensure a great taste!  Cachaça can be ordered online if it cannot be sourced locally.  There are few ingredients, so the cocktail is simple to prepare:-
•    1 lime quartered, 2 tsp fine sugar, 2 oz of Cachaça and ice.

Attire – ensure that your event is as authentic as possible, by encouraging your guests to dress up!  There are several options for costume ideas for a Brazilian themed party or event.  If guests aren’t keen on the idea of getting kitted up Brazilian style, then attendees could just wear colourful carnival masks.

Female – The Baiana dress is a traditional costume worn for special events in Brazil.  The outfit includes a very round and long skirt, coloured shawl and turban.  If guests are feeling brave, perhaps they might like to wear the samba outfit – this is the costume most associated with the Brazilian carnival.  The samba costume leaves most of the body uncovered and is decorated with bright colours, feathers and rhinestones (not recommended for outdoor winter parties!!).

Male – Bombachas are traditional trousers that can be twinned with a poncho over a white shirt.  Accessories could include a wide straw hat and leather boots.

Entertainment – make sure that your guests stay entertained throughout the evening, by providing Brazilian themed entertainment throughout the event.  

Drinks reception - set the mood with a band performing Lounge Samba or chilled Latin American music whilst guests are enjoying their Caipirinhas.  Relaxed Brazilian sounds are the perfect option to get guests tapping their toes to Latin American rhythms.

Dinner – treat guests to some chilled Bossa Nova performed by a top acoustic guitarist, or perhaps a relaxing Latin American ensemble could provide some Brazilian background music during dinner so that guests can continue talking about how great the party is! 

After-dinner entertainmentCapoeira performers will amaze guests with their athletic agility and acrobatics in this amazing show that demonstrates the Brazilian martial art.

Top Tips for Hosting a Brazilian Themed Event or Party

After-dinner show – how about a carnival style show?  This could also include some audience participation as guests are taught how to dance by professionals in special workshops! 


Top Tips for Hosting a Brazilian Themed Event or Party

Evening entertainment – give your guests the chance to put their ‘dancing shoes on’ by providing great Brazilian music so that they can party in to the night!  A Brazilian percussion orchestra can perform lively music for a memorable party! 


__By Beki Polding

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