Top Ideas For Your Great Gatsby Themed Event!

Top Ideas For Your Great Gatsby Themed Event!

All things 1920s are making a comeback in the run up to the premier of the latest remake of the Great Gatsby, which is due to hit the big screen in May.  Great Gatsby themed parties and events are all the rage thanks to the release of the newest adaptation of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name - set in the roaring 20s – and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

To assist event planners who plan to host a swinging 1920s Great Gatsby themed event, Scarlett Entertainment has compiled a list of ideas!  Whether you’re planning a Great Gatsby inspired product launch, 1920s themed corporate dinner or prohibition private party; we’ve got all the inspiration and ideas needed to make the event a roaring success!


The 1920s was the age of Art Deco, so impress your guests at the outset with invitations reminiscent of the era!  Your invitations should include bold geometric shapes and rich colours, or perhaps 1920s figures.  To get the language just right, you might want to consult ‘A Flappers Dictionary’!!  For a full list of phrases and terms visit...


The event decor will very much depend on whether you want to re-create the opulence of the Great Gatsby and all things Art Deco, or a 1920s speak-easy during the times of prohibition.

Ideas for Great Gatsby inspired decor

•  Gramophones

•  An art deco bar

• Vintage chaise lounges

•  Movie posters from the era (to include ‘Way Down East’, ‘The Gold Rush’, ‘Ben-Hur’ etc)

•  Pictures of popular celebrities from the time (Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo and so on...)

•  Plenty of lavish lamps and lighting

•  Lots of feathers (instead of flower arrangement, how about large plumes of feathers!)

•  String lights around potted plants and trees

• Table decorations could include champagne glasses filled with pearls or candles in vintage teacups

Speak Easy/Prohibition decor ideas

• Movie posters from the 20s

• Pictures of popular celebrities/gangsters (i.e. Al Capone, Babe Ruth etc)

• A casino or poker tables

• Leave room for a dance floor 

• Ensure the space is cosy and darkly lit with candles on tables

• Crates piled up in corners (to suggest that the liquor is bootleg!)

• Get guests to enter the venue via a door with a peephole (so that guests can give the doorman the ‘password’ to enter)

• Bathtubs of ice filled with gin


Get your guests to dress for the occasion!  See our 1920s dress code for males/females below...

Female 1920s Costume Idea

• Ostrich feathers and plenty of pearls!

• Long beaded gowns that are loose fitting, A-lined and with a low waist line.

• Tassels

• Hair dos to include the Marcel Wave (look online for tips on achieving this look)

• Cloche hats, headbands or turbans

• Art deco inspired jewellery

• Silk or rayon stockings held up with garters

• Layers of beaded necklaces

• Makeup to include blusher, red lipstick and kohl rimmed eyes.

Male 1920s Costume Idea

• Hair slicked to the side

• Golf caps and matching suits

• White spats

• Clean cut faces

• Zoot suits

• Fedora hats

• Vintage white linen suits


Greet your guests (and get them in the 20s mood!) with a mint julep, a classic drink from the era.  Also, champagne aplenty as Jay Gatsby’s parties are renowned for being extremely lavish!  Food choices include Chinese food selections as this was extremely popular at the time. Italian food was also the ‘in thing’ during the 20s as - along with Chinese food - it was seen as adventurous cuisine!  Other 1920s classic dishes include pretty much staple party food; salted nuts, popcorn, caviar, olives, shrimp cocktail etc!


Now to the fun part, organising 1920s entertainment for your event!  Below is a list of the top/most popular 1920s themed entertainment for Great Gatsby inspired events!

Top Ideas For Your Great Gatsby Themed Event!

Brooklyn Jazz Band


The 1920s Brooklyn Jazz Band are an early jazz, swing, and blues group, composed of acoustic guitar/vocals, upright bass, homemade washboard percussion, trumpet and saxophone.  For those seeking fresh and exciting live entertainment for their Great Gatsby themed event, look no further than one of the most acclaimed bands in New York City! The band’s repertoire is a fabulous collection of high energy jazz and swing from the 1920′s & 30′s, and a range of line-up options is available from a quartet of vocals/guitar, upright bass, trumpet or saxophone/clarinet, and washboard percussion, to as large as a septet or octet which adds more horns including saxophones and trombone, lead electric guitar and/or piano.


Top Ideas For Your Great Gatsby Themed Event!

1920s Bathing beauties


This act specialises in producing high quality hula-hoop performance, walkabout and workshops.  This trio's 1920s themed act takes you back in time to the seaside for a nostalgic summer fun performance that involves a performance full of skilful hoop moves and cheeky choreography!


Top Ideas For Your Great Gatsby Themed Event!

NYC Swing Dancer Duo


The 1920s NYC Swing Dance Duo are both trained performing artists and professional dancers who encompass, as part of their routine, the Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast Swing, jive and many more styles!


Top Ideas For Your Great Gatsby Themed Event!

Prohibition Show


Come and Charleston with the Prohibition Show!  This 1920s themed show is perfect for prohibition Parties and Roaring 20s themed events and features live Male and Female Vocals, a Gangster barman and gorgeous Flapper Dancers.  A Meet & Greet option is also available.  Set list includes authentic 1920s style music and dance with lots of audience participation.

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