Top Examples of Trade Show Entertainment By Scarlett Entertainment

Top Examples of Trade Show Entertainment By Scarlett Entertainment

Trade Show Experiences Delivered by Our Entertainment Specialists 


At Scarlett Entertainment we are celebrating our 10th-year anniversary as a business. Throughout this decade, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in trade show entertainment, and are honoured to have been involved in numerous projects with other industry leaders across the world to create memorable trade show experiences. 

Fully informed on the latest trends in trade shows, our Entertainment Experts have worked on endless exhibition entertainment ideas in order to deliver results that generate online buzz and a return on the investment. The below seven examples of trade show marketing are among our favourite projects throughout our 10-year history. 


Our Top Seven Examples of Trade Show Marketing 


1. Finovate: conference showcasing new financial and banking technologies


Finovate is a demonstration-based conference that allows big companies and innovative start-ups to have an insight into the future of finance and banking industries. 

Where:  Tobacco Dock event venue, London (UK).

Goal: Help AdviceRobo (a credit risk assessments innovator) to promote their new solution to assess credit quality with event attendees. 

Entertainment used: After carefully studying their brief, our Account Manager Jade supplied AdviceRobot with these Corporate Event Robots, who created a fun atmosphere and engaged with event attendees whilst they introduced the company’s latest product. Equipped with a built-in screen that was personalised with the brand’s logo, our promotional robot helped the tech company to get noticed and it generated tons of social media conversations. 

Top Examples of Trade Show Entertainment By Scarlett Entertainment

Corporate event robots introduced a new product by AdviceRobo at Finovate in London


2. Define Instruments at McCormick Place


Define Instruments is a New Zealand manufacturer of industrial instruments. They got in touch with a great idea in mind to drive footfall to their exhibition stand, while we translated it into reality. 



Where: McCormick Place convention centre, Chicago (USA)


Goal: Proud of their rich cultural heritage, the company wanted to share it with event attendees while arousing their curiosity about their brand and products. 


Entertainment used: When the words ‘New Zealand’ and ‘cultural heritage’ were mentioned together, our Account Manager Jayne knew exactly what Define Instruments needed: Haka Performers. An instant attention-grabber, haka performers quickly attracted attention with their exotic Maori attire and paintings. Not only did they energise the trade show with their dynamic performances, but they also handed out flyers to ensure delegates remembered Define Instruments, mingled with guests, and posed for photos. Mission accomplished!



Haka performers quickly caught delegates’ attention and ensured they remembered the brand by handing out flyers, posing for photos, etc.



3. CPHI Worldwide, the world’s largest pharmaceutical exhibition


Housing six individual pharma events, there is no doubt as to why CPHI Worldwide is the largest pharmaceutical exhibition in the world. It welcomes over 45,000 professionals and around 2,500 exhibitors. All in all, it’s the place to go to network for pharmaceutical experts. 


Where: IFEMA exhibition complex, Madrid (Spain)


Goal: Delivering high-quality entertainment experiences across the three-day event for event attendees. 


Entertainment used: Our Sales Manager Kate didn’t hesitate when she was asked to help event attendees to network and keep them entertained and engaged for three days straight. Aiming to get them looking forward to the next day, she brought together scientific bartenders for a truly pharmaceutical drinking experience; barbers for those needing a quick trim; VR sports simulators to encourage group activities; live music to create a pleasant and genuinely Spanish ambience; and mobile massage therapists for everyone to enjoy a moment of relaxation between one thing and the other. The result? Watch the event highlights and judge yourself. 


Top Examples of Trade Show Entertainment By Scarlett Entertainment

CPHI Worldwide attendees enjoyed a three-day event full of activities such as VR sports simulators, which allowed them to get to know each other and network 


4. IFA: the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances


We were thrilled when TCL, the most rapidly expanding Chinese electronics brand, got in touch requesting to know the latest trends in trade shows and asking us to provide them with unique exhibition entertainment ideas. The brand was launching a new product in Europe and IFA was the chosen place. 



Where: Messe Berlin exhibition grounds, Berlin (Germany)


Goal: TCL was launching a new product and they wanted exhibition attendees to connect with the brand and be more involved with various interactive entertainment options. 


Entertainment used: Our Account Manager for Germany Iwan knew that these Walkaround Human Robots were perfect for this occasion as they combine elements of technology and interaction. Iwan also brought a football freestyler and a group of hostesses together to draw people to TCL booth and offer them a VIP experience. Friendly and extremely attentive, all these entertainers made sure the brand’s stand was kept busy throughout the day, photos were shared on social media and people left with a great impression of the new product TCL was promoting. 


Top Examples of Trade Show Entertainment By Scarlett Entertainment

Humanoid robots helped TCL draw people to their booth as they combined elements of technology and interaction 



5.  The TechnoX exhibition: the place to explore the prospects of a career in the technology and energy industry


The TechnoX exhibition was celebrating its 18th edition. For the occasion, Sasol, an integrated chemicals and energy company that develop and commercialise technologies worldwide and one of the sponsors of the event, got in touch with our team to help them make their industry look and sound attractive to young generations. 


Where: Boiketlong Sport Centre, Sasolburg (South Africa)


Goal: Sasol aimed to encourage young people to look at how they can use their current knowledge to explore the prospects of a career in the technology and energy industry. 


Entertainment used: When our entertainment specialist Becky Leah read Sasol was targeting young people, she instantly knew what they needed. This phenomenal Red and Black 8 FT Robot with an in-built iPad was the perfect entertainment solution.Its height instantly caught the attention of students who didn’t hesitate to approach him and show interest for Sasol. To our surprise, the exhibition organisers were so impressed by our robot that Scarlett Entertainment received two awards: ‘Most talked about exhibitor’ and ‘Certificate of Recognition’. Another successful example of trade show marketing!


Top Examples of Trade Show Entertainment By Scarlett Entertainment

This 8FT robot became an instant hit among South African students at the The TechnoX exhibition, to the point that Sasol was awarded as ‘Most talked about exhibitor’ 


6. E World conference: the world's leading trade fair in the energy industry


750 Exhibitors joined the E World Conference to showcase their latest products, technology and water and energy solutions. Over 26 nations were represented at the conference. Bloomberg,  a global financial, software, data, and media company, reached out to ask how to draw attendees to their booth.


Where: Messe Essen Exhibition Centre, Essen (Germany)


Goal: Bloomberg’s main goal at the E World Conference was to raise brand awareness and arouse visitors’ curiosity on their products and solutions. 


Entertainment used: Our Sales Manager and trade show specialist Kate Fowler trusted our Event Robot to welcome guests to the company’s stand and to offer them brochures and premium items on behalf of our client. The robot also used its touchscreen display to ask questions and allow delegates to complete surveys which captured data for Bloomberg’s sales team. On top of that, our interactive robot was customised with the brand’s logo and colours on the screen. The result? A happy client assuring the robot was a complete success. 


Top Examples of Trade Show Entertainment By Scarlett Entertainment

Our robot helped Bloomberg raise brand awareness by displaying the client’s logo and colours, welcoming guests to their stand, handing out flyers, displaying surveys on its screen, etc.


7. CES, an annual trade show organised by the Consumer Technology Association


Industry leaders from over 150 countries visited the conference where the world's global technology experts showcased their latest innovations. With over 20,000 product launches and a show floor exhibition space over 2.7 million square feet, CES 2018 was the most prominent CES event in its history. Hisense International took the opportunity to show delight visitors with a mix of technology and entertainment.


Where: Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas (USA).


Goal: Hisense International, a multinational major appliance and electronics manufacturer, aimed to introduce the brand to new potential buyers. 


Entertainment used: After carefully studying our client’s brief, our Account Manager for North America, Diahann, knew that a combination of dance, robots and the latest technology was the best fusion to make the brand stand out. Dancing LED Robots and a laser dancer performed a tailor-made roaming meet and greet performance and danced and performed on-trend pop 'n' lock moves throughout the event. Our performers received huge applause and attendants and potential buyers were talking about the brand and sharing the best moments of our entertainers’ performances on their social networks. Once again, mission accomplished!


Top Examples of Trade Show Entertainment By Scarlett Entertainment

Dancing LED robots and a laser act was the perfect way to instantly attract visitor’s attention to our client’s stand at CES trade show


Trust Us to Create Trade Show Experiences for You


Did any of these examples of trade show marketing trigger your creativity? We’d love to hear your ideas and share ours with you. 


Whether you’d like to raise brand awareness for your business or keep event attendants at your exhibition or trade show engaged and entertained, you can trust us to create trade show experiences for you. 


Give us a call, share what you have in mind and let us translate it into reality. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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