Top 5 Fun Conference Energisers

Top 5 Fun Conference Energisers

Companies are increasingly using energisers in their conference and convention schedules to inspire and motivate delegates. This not only enhances employees’ work based skills, it also increases productivity and employee engagement; therefore it is important to take time out of your busy schedule of meetings and conferences to do something as a team in order to boost morale, energise delegates and have fun!

Team building activities are really interactive and bring your guests together in a way not often possible in the workplace. We have put together our top 5 fun energisers, perfect for developing key transferable skills like communication and teamwork. Also a revealing experience, team building activities bring out guests’ competitive sides! From conference energisers and tours to creative workshops and quizzes, there is something to motivate and inspire every delegate.

Go on an Adventure

Top 5 Fun Conference Energisers

An exciting way to energise your guests is to get them out of the office and exploring the local area. Tours work perfectly if you are organising conferences in different locations. Whether it be a treasure hunt or city tour, guests relish the chance to get some fresh air and take in the wonderful sights of a new place!


No matter what the location, we offer a range of marvellous tours which function as energiser entertainment. A totally bespoke entertainment option, we understand the importance of tailoring the adventure to your guests’ interests. For example, a London film tour will grab the attention of movie buffs, whilst a thrilling crime tour of Berlin will intrigue and motivate any budding detective.


For technology savvy guests, an iPad adventure may be the perfect solution. Attendees will have to solve clues and take photos at specific locations - great for company energisers because it enhances problem-solving capabilities and is really entertaining to watch colleagues competing head to head to win a prize.


For a unique and novel experience why not take your corporate guests on a tour in a tuk tuk, helicopter or vintage car? A once in a lifetime corporate team building tour will create wonderful memories for your guests and make your conference unforgettable.


Get Fit


Top 5 Fun Conference Energisers

If you are looking for something more active to motivate corporate guests, there are a variety of incredible energiser games available. Sports based activities can be enjoyed outdoors or inside the venue depending on the particular energiser and space required for the games.


Some sporty team building activities not only test endurance and fitness but also are thought provoking. For instance, escape room entertainment is becoming really popular for corporate conferences, as delegates have to fight against the clock to solve problems and work together as a team in order to escape. This style of company energiser is great for corporate away days or incentive trips as it is really exhilarating and challenging.


If your guests like to test their competitive sides, why not get them to perform against each other in a vigorous sporting activity? Wall running and bungee games are both adrenaline filled and interactive. Your guests will be in fits of laughter as their colleagues fight against the force of a bungee.


If your conference or incentive trip is located by the sea or a river, consider taking your guests paddle boarding. Great outdoor exercise, paddle-boarding strengthens core muscles whilst energising guests with an enjoyable experience. This fun activity will unite your guests as a team and enhances communication skills. At least one guest will be certain to lose their balance and fall in which is sure to get everyone giggling!


Show off your Musical Talent


Top 5 Fun Conference Energisers

Another popular type of energiser for corporate conferences and incentive trips is a music workshop. No matter how many delegates you have, the musical session can be tailored to your specific requirements. Guests will be required to work collaboratively in order to make a musical masterpiece - or will at least have fun trying!


Music based corporate team building workshops develop a sense of ease as guests work with professional musicians to create a piece of music. There are many different options available including percussion, maraca or ukulele activities. This is a fabulous way to bring guests together, increase energy levels and confidence. Who knows - you may have a musical impresario hidden amongst the ranks!


Instead of musical instruments, your corporate delegates can also showcase their vocal talents by creating a company song or rap! Choir based energiser entertainment will make your guests feel connected to each other as they work towards a common goal. Hopefully the song will be music to your ears, but if not your corporate guests will certainly have fun together. With assistance from talented vocal coaches and songwriters, your team can write and perform a catchy company jingle, sure to be stuck in delegates’ heads long after the event is over! The song can also be recorded and shared on social media once the session has finished.


Get Creative


Top 5 Fun Conference Energisers

Expose guests’ creative sides with enjoyable energiser games. Delegates work closely together to make something amazing, generating a great sense of achievement and increasing their self-esteem.  


Creativity enhancing team building activities include cooking classes, construction workshops and puppet making lessons. Creating authentic cuisine can strengthen an employee’s sense of team togetherness, as well as being greatly amusing. There are many unique catering options available including a 3 course dinner class, giving the group the opportunity to sit down to eat their delicious dishes together once they have finished. Professional chefs will be on hand with useful cooking tips and a wealth of knowledge to ensure that high quality, tasty food is produced. Energiser workshops can be tailored to your company and location. If you are organising a conference in Barcelona you may wish to include an incredible tapas workshop in your event schedule to showcase local delicacies. Other cuisine based company energisers include sushi classes and chocolate making sessions. A real treat, these workshops are very difficult to resist!


Top 5 Fun Conference Energisers

If your aim is to heighten your delegates' practical and logistical skills, choose a constructive energiser, such as Mexican railway building. Putting their pragmatism to the test, employees have to create a track strong enough to transport balls along it. Another great option for small teams is a workshop in which guests compete to create the biggest puppet possible. Creative energiser entertainment is the perfect group activity to get everybody engaged. Structures can also be collaboratively decorated by the teams to reinforce a conference message, theme or branding.


Alternatively, why not have a company calendar creation class where guests use a variety of humorous props, costumes and materials to make unforgettable photos? Led by a professional photographer, high quality photos will be taken and printed onto a branded calendar, then personalised for your company. Your employees can use the calendar throughout the year to reminisce about the fun moments they had at your conference!


Test your Mind


Top 5 Fun Conference Energisers

Quizzes work really well at corporate dinners and conferences. Groups compete to win the game by answering questions on a variety of topics. Testing general knowledge and numeracy - whether you have 5 or 500 guests at your event, the professional event facilitator is sure to make it great fun by creating hype throughout the evening.


The quiz can take many different forms. One unique option is an iPad quiz where attendees have to take photos in order to answer questions or test their pop culture know-how. Alternatively, the Big Video Quiz has a variety of rounds to test different capabilities; encouraging teams to work collaboratively, be strategic and use each participant’s strengths.


Another brain bending energiser game is our Family Fortune style quiz. Challenging delegates’ TV show knowledge, the game includes enjoyable rounds such as ‘name that tune’. Featuring bespoke sections, the quiz can be designed to incorporate your event theme and convey the conference message.


An extremely popular energiser entertainment option is a murder mystery evening! Perfect as an after dinner energiser, guests have to work as a team in a ‘who dunnit’ scenario. This fun, problem solving entertainment includes role-play and fancy dress to bring delegates together in order to solve the murder.


Have Fun


There are so many enjoyable, exciting and entertaining energiser games available for your conference. No matter where in the world your conference is located, our entertainment specialists will be able to provide the perfect options for you and your guests to have fun together! 


__By Erin Pooley-Cooper

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